Invoking Aine

I’ve read that it’s ill-advised to work with fairies if you’re new… However, I’ve been drawn to this one it’s a bunch of ways… I’m starting to believe that she drew me out. Can i invoke her as a guide?


Hello @courtney29!

I think you are wise to be wary of the Fae- they certainly have a reputation for being tricksters! :fairy:

I don’t work with Aine personally so take this with a grain of salt, but from Her description She sounds like a lovely Goddess to work with so long as the proper respect is given. Here is what the Aine Goddess Page on Spells8 says about working with Her:

Áine may be called on to bless crops or gardens. Because the light of the sun has protective and purifying properties, she may be called on in affairs of the heart.

Calling out to the Goddess during the Midsummer can be very powerful as you express your love and gratitude for her. During this period, her energy will be at its peak, and you’ll be able to establish a strong connection with her easily.

Spending time outside under the sun is another way to worship this Goddess. Ask the sky for her blessings, and as the sun’s rays grace your skin, feel her energy penetrating your being, answering your call and fulfilling your wishes.

Working with the moon is another way to worship Áine, who is associated with the Divine Feminine. The moon and its phases are in constant waning and waxing, much like Áine’s ability to promote sovereignty or destroy it. On a full moon, sending your praise to Áine will be beneficial for you to receive her blessings.

There is a lot more information (as well as some devotionals and chants to Aine) on Her page here:

I’m wishing you all the best should you decide to move forward with working with Aine- if it is your wish, I hope you are able to build a strong bond with Her! :heart:

Blessed be! :sparkles:


Thank you so much for the reassurance… I have another question, if you have time :heart: :butterfly: what do you think about praying to the Earth goddess Ge and invoking Aine at the same time?… I’m just considering issues like ‘will they bump heads’ or will they both work with me? This is an OK practice?. I’m so new to all of this.


I agree that you’re wise to be cautious of working with or petitioning the Irish Fair Folk. However, Ainé isn’t actually what the Irish would consider one of the Fair Folk.

This can get a bit confusing and has a lot to do with Irish mythology that many people don’t really understand. When the Tuatha De Danann were defeated by the Milesians, they were driven into the sidhe (mounds of earth, usually leading to underground; pronounced as “shee”). I believe the original story says that the Milesians and the Tuatha De Danann made an agreement tha they would split the Earth in half - the Milesians would take the upper half and the Tuatha De Danann would take the lower half.

But the Sidhe (capital S here, same pronunciation) were already in the sidhe. The Sidhe are the Irish Fair Folk. They are the beings we call fae. The Tuatha De Danann coexist with them in the Otherworld across the veil. So, both the Tuatha De Danann and the Sidhe are known as Sidhe, but the Tuatha De Danann are not Fae.

I hope that makes sense :sweat_smile: and that I didn’t just confuse you even more. It’s like that saying that not all Witches are Wiccan, but all Wiccans are Pagan or something like that.

It’s important to understand, too, that Irish deities are very transactional in the way they interact with us humans. If you call to them for something, some sort of help, they will generally expect something in return. That doesn’t mean you can’t give offerings, prayers, or worship them in any way. It’s just a word of caution that there are certain expectations around working with the Irish deities. Having Aine as a guide could be a great experience for you if she chooses to work with you, but just be sure you’re mindful of what she asks for in return.

Please note that I come from a hard polytheist perspective where I see each deity as a being in their own right. Not all people will agree with that, but the cultural context of Irish deities is important to understand, especially since Ireland and Irish culture is still very much alive and well today.


As for this question, I don’t see why this would be an issue. The best way to know is to speak with both deities and ask them. You can do this thorugh divination, prayer, and even dreams!


I don’t know if this sounds crazy, but I genuinely believe in my heart that they’ve called me out. There’s so many things they’ve inspired me to offer… and I didn’t know why exactly I was looking for it or putting it on my altar until I read about Aine this morning and then I thought “oh of course now that all makes sense”… does that sound crazy to you?
I mean, it looks really obvious to me


Also, yes what you said doesn’t make sense because I’ve been trying to read a lot about it and I picked up on what you were sharing… Thank you so so much for taking the time to respond and help me understand.


Seconding this! :raised_hands: Some deities align well (aka “get along”) and can share space, but sometimes worshipping multiple deities/deities of a different pantheon/deities with a complicated history together can give rise to problems, anger, and even jealousy. I agree with Megan that the best way to respectfully find out is to ask. If they both say yes, then you are good to go! If either (or both) say no, then you may have to make a hard choice.

Good luck, Courtney! Wishing you all the best with your deity worship and connecting with those that call to you :pray::heart:


@MeganB oh my goodness, please forgive me… I said what you wrote DOES makes sense… I just realized there was a typo. I’m so grateful for all of your correspondence this morning.:heart:


Oh :sweat_smile: that’s okay! I totally assumed you meant does and not doesn’t :blush: I’m happy to help, too! Any time you wanna chat about Irish deities or Irish belief just let me know! Feel free to send me a DM, too. I’m always happy to chat or try to answer questions!


I them if they would work together, and or with me, practiced a mindfulness meditation, as well as yoga… offered candle and burnt rosemary… We’ll see​:butterfly::butterfly::butterfly::heart::heart::heart:


@MeganB, (this is a copy/paste:)…” Áine can be evoked through any of her symbols when used as [sigils]”

… I don’t know how to make her symbols a schedule… The only direction I can find on sigils, is how to make my own for manifestation

Do you have any ideas?


Sure! So a sigil is a fancy word for a magickal symbol. What the post is referring to is using Áine’s symbols as those magickal symbols in the same way you would use a sigil.

  • Symbols: Horses, Sun, Moon, Water, Swan

So you can draw or create a sigil for each of her symbols and use those to call on her, dedicate candles to her, or whatever you’re looking to do.


Ok. I was actually working on something to put on my wall where I pray anyway so that figures…i mean, I say “it figures” because everything seems to have been put in front of me so easily.

For example, I was putting together a charm that required a ring, and I just happened to have a ring. laying right in front of me on my table that I had taken off earlier because I bent it!… crazy, right?

Thanks for listening I’ve been dying to vent to someone​:hugs::butterfly:


Those are some very lovely offerings! :heart: I hope their answer is a positive one- wishing you all the best, Courtney! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Some might say coincidence, but that sounds like things aligning exactly as they were meant to be to me! :blush:


I’d say this is a good sign then that you’re on the right path!


Thank you for saying that, i believe That, too…I’m making my own spell oil right now…:heart:


You’re very welcome! :sparkles: I wish you all the good luck with your spell oil!

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