Ireland's lost race - Tuatha De Danann

Ireland’s lost race -
the Tuatha de Danann

It is unknown how the Tuatha de Danann arrived in Ireland. The only rational opinion regarding how they reached Ireland was through ships and reached the shores of Ireland.

The Tuatha Dé Danann is an important race of beings belonging to the Gaelic Pantheon in Irish, Scottish and Manx mythology. They are pre-Christian gods with supernatural ability. They belong to the Otherworld (Aos Si) community whose world was reached through mists, hills, lakes, ponds, wetland areas, caves, ancient burial sites, cairns and mounds. (? fairy mounds.)Their association with ancient Neolithic and Bronze Age burial mounds is probably linked to the importance these sites had for the people of pre-history.

Many of these legends were recorded in a collection of poems and texts, some dating from the third century AD, and compiled in the 11th century by Christian scholars in such works as the Leabhar Gabhála Éireann known in English as The Book of Invasions.

The idea of waves of ‘invasions’ into Ireland was also probably further developed in an attempt by monastic scholars to create a history of Ireland that would also suggest some kind of link to one of the lost tribes of Israel.
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