Is it healthy in a spiritual sense to only occasionally ground?

Hi everyone, i have started to ask myself today " is it healthy to only occasionally ground myself"? I mean i will be honest sometimes it doesn’t even cross my mind, but it leaves me wondering perhaps this is the reason i feel so unbalanced especially recently where i would crave to be out and about in mother nature and feel her energies around me or be bouncing with excitement to do my little morning routine of lighting the candle of the day, charging the crystal of the day and doing a tarot reading at the very least, but lately i just feel i am not drawn and feel ‘meh’ about everything which is not me.
In addition i feel i tend to want, want, want as in i soak up the energies the god and goddess give me from the sun and moon especially the sun, but never release any energy. Same goes with crystals.
Am i just overloaded in a sense? Do i need to release my energy more often and ground myself perhaps daily?


This is a really good question and one that isn’t easily answered.

I personally ground when I feel as you are describing - desire to be with nature, feeling anxious or “over charged.” This equates to a couple times a week for me. You may try grounding daily as part of your morning routine and see how you feel.

This happens to us all! As humans, we have cycles of energy not only daily but monthly and yearly. I tend to get more “meh” in winter, for others it may be summer. The key is to work with your rhythms. If you are feeling off, take some time to ground and center, then do something different! If you normally do your prayers and craft in the morning, try moving it to the afternoon or evening. Change up how you pray, learn something new and experiment with it. It may be that your mind and spirit are craving something different that what you are currently doing. Take time to explore and try different things out until that spark returns.


Honestly, I don’t properly “ground” every day. I really only do it when I’m overwhelmed, overstimulated, upset, feel that my connection is waning or I’m losing touch with the nature around me. (that’s usually if I’ve been inside a lot due to weather or medical related reasons)

I do have a practice each morning before & while I do my daily card draws that keeps me focused on my intent & what I’m doing. I also listen the same music whenever I’m doing any workings in my space to keep me present & focused.

It’s really whenever You feel like you need to do it. So if thats not a daily practice & it’s what works for you & your schedule, then that is perfectly fine. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It is very strange as it is summer here and i would have thought i would feel this way in winter. Also on top of that to make things worse, i have been getting these reoccurring migraines which completely drain me and leave me lying in bed all day if not dragging my feet around everywhere. I have suddenly started to bleed to not heavy but just randomly. I haven’t done anything out of the ordinary but i am so drained i feel like the life has been sucked out of me. I do tend to feel better at night but i love my little morning rituals and a m disappointed when it comes to night as i feel i lost my opportunity.


I think you and @Amaris_Bane are right and i may need to change me schedule. Its just i am such a morning person when i am not sick or drained and love waking up knowing i have the whole day ahead but as soon as it gets night i feel i lost the whole day. I am turning into a vampire of the sorts but not purposely just due to illness i guess. I might just let my body clock lead the way until i feel better as at the moment my days look like me being sick and my partner trying to make me feel more comfortable until i am strong enough to do things which makes me feel horrid as i do not like to depend on others.


If I’m being completely honest, I don’t ground nearly as much as I probably should. I know you have quite a lot going on in your life – school, being a parent, dealing with your partner, etc. – I would be surprised if you didn’t feel unbalanced or overwhelmed.

I agree with everyone else. Adjusting your routine could help, but we also go through cycles as humans where we have more energy or motivation than others. I would also suggest seeking help for mental health because (and this is solely based on personal experience) some of what you’re describing sound like my own symptoms of depression.

Take your time and take care of yourself :heart:


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