Is it Horus?

I have have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt. The culture and believes are so intriguing and i have read up extensively on them over the years.

I am new to the craft and to working with deities. I am being drawn to those of the Egyptian Pantheon but ive had some things occur which have lead me to beleive Horus may be calling me:

I have been spotting hawks hovering above the fields as i drive to work in the mornings

A few times recently i have woken up diring the night and have been drawing the eye of horus on my forehead with my finger

Tonight i was driving home from work. It was dark and i was on a road with no streetlights. I got a feeling that someone was watching. I drove around a bend and saw the moon. I heard in my head saying “its me”. I immediately thought of Horus and how the moon was said to be his right eye watching from above as he flies over. I got a chill down my spine and tbh i felt a bit uneasy…i tried not to feel frightened so to speak.

I have worked with Isis and felt a connection before. I am now wondering if her son wants to get involved too???

Blessed be


Maybe so! How exciting! I haven’t done any real deity work so to speak, but I think you’re probably on the right track! Good luck! I can’t wait to hear more!


Seems like it! I’m not up on my Egyptian pantheon as much, but it makes sense. Maybe meditate and see what He wants? Maybe He’s just keeping a protective Eye on you?


Seeing hawks, drawing the eye while asleep, hearing His voice- it sounds to me like the signs are in abundance, @Cosmic_Curiosity! :grinning:

If you’re still having doubts, perhaps try consulting your favorite method of divination for answers? If you like tarot (or oracle), there’s a great card spread here that might help confirm things for you:

I can’t speak for the intentions of the divine, but deities are powerful entities- whether it is through someone else or directly, feeling their presence can be intimidating.

That being said, your space and mind are your own- if an entity frightens you, you might consider taking a step back from Them. The pantheons are vast and full of various types of deities with their own unique traits- if one deity doesn’t fit, you might respectfully explain that to Them. Certain types of spellwork and the aid of other deities might assist in this.

If you do feel ready and open to working with Horus, I know we have a Horus Devotional on the site you might be interested in! :blush:

However you choose to proceed, I’m wishing you all the best @Cosmic_Curiosity- Blessed be! :sparkles:


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