Is it possible to do Cord Cutting with a possible Empath while in a current relationship?

Has anyone tried cutting energetic cords with someone they still have a relationship with? Is there a benefit to this? Or will just cleansing the cords be enough to change the impact of a relationship you can’t escape (e.g a parent)? Will they know this has been done and can they alter it if they are an empath?
Sorry for all the questions but I am looking at shifting my energy and relationships to start walking a path that no longer fights against me being the successful confident, healthy and capable person I know I can be. There is something that keeps pulling me down or at least constantly throwing blocks in my way.
Thank you!!!


To be honest, I personally have never had to cut any cords so I’m not sure how that would work. But I’m commenting to bump this post up to the top. Someone here is sure to know!


@Phoenix_Rose I have never done any type of cord cutting with someone that I am in a relationship with currently… so I don’t have any idea what the exact results would be, but it could end up that you no longer are in that relationship or that whatever is the issue dissipates & the relationship gets stronger. Is the former what you want though? :thinking: Because that could take some serious repair if you ever wanted to reconcile I would think. :face_with_monocle:

In the case of a parent cord cutting, I’m not sure that can be cut completely because you will always be a part of that person. I also don’t know if there is something else you would want to do in that case :thinking:

The exact results of any work can’t be known beforehand without a margin of error or that the ritual or spell doesn’t yield results for whatever reason. There is more than one reason a cord-cutting wouldn’t seem to work or the results be different than what you expected.

Also if you still have a relationship with them, then cutting the cord seems counterproductive & if it’s a parent that you are going to continue being around, cord-cutting isn’t going to give you the results you are looking for from it in the sense you may be want. I would be very clear about the intentions behind this ritual.

Empaths are their own little ball of light in & of themselves. So every person is different with whether they know they are a type of Empath or at all, any shielding or protection that they use is their own, any workings are up to them & how they need to be protected. They won’t “know” who is doing what necessarily but they may amp up their protections because something feels off.

On the other hand, if they don’t know or don’t acknowledge that they are an Empath in any way, then most likely they won’t know & don’t have any protections in place, but if it’s a parent, that’s a delicate matter because you are a piece of them, but I don’t know the nature of the relationship or what protections they may or may not be used as an Empath… there’s really no clear yes/no answer that I can give you.

I hope others offer some suggestions or have more information for you. I can only speak based on my own experiences & the information provided.

:warning: In no way am I suggesting that you do anything without further research & knowing what & who you are performing this cord-cutting on & why you are doing it. Look at the whole picture, because you don’t want to do something as a temporary fix & it has long-lasting effects.


Thank you. I have been to an energy session a few times and the person was cutting all cords and have me visualize doing it and it physically hurt so I stopped. Based on that, I thought it was good to cut cords but then I read the article on cord cutting on Spells 8. I wish I had taken note of how the relationships were altered after she had done her work. Not a bad relationship with parent, however when she is stressed she likes to navigate everything so she feels safe. She is stressed frequently. I am old enough I want to be free of that type of control. With my husband, as we work through crap I wanted a chance for a fresh start. I am going to follow the article on spells 8 and focus on sending light to these cords.
I am going to do more research on cord cutting as I have known this energy healer for 20 years and I know she would never intend harm so maybe her definition is different.

Thank you!


If it’s something being performed on you by someone else, then my advice is to discuss the situation with the person that you are working with about it. That person will know what they did, and why, & can explain any side effects, results, or lack thereof since you worked with them. Energy work cord cutting & a ritual or spell are each separate but intertwined… & each person is different.

I would go over your questions & concerns or expectations with the person that is doing the Energy Session with you.


I had these sessions a couple of years ago. Now that you have mentioned energy healing is different than spell work it makes sense.
Thank you for the feedback. I now have the missing piece of my puzzle regarding this me doing spell work to cut cords. :grinning: yay!


You are very welcome!

Please feel free to reach out with any other questions you may have! :revolving_hearts:


Hey there Maudot :heart:

I am just here to echo what Siofra has said. Sometimes cutting cords will work. Sometimes it won’t. Sometimes it shouldn’t even be done because of the nature of the relationship.

I would examine the purpose of cutting the cord with your parent. If they are toxic or draining then it would be beneficial. If you are just looking to cut cords because you don’t want any and you want a fresh start, that is kind of counterproductive. Everyone has these sort of energetic cords or ties to people in their life, in my opinion. Cord cutting is a severing of that energetic relationship. If there’s no need to sever those bonds then I would caution against doing a cord cutting.


My mother and my first husband were both very toxic. And yes, I cut cords with both of them while still being in a relationship. As I was showering each day I would cut the cords and wash them away. But I found that the cords would reconnect, and I repeated my cord-cutting ritual over and over. I think it was beneficial, even though I only felt good for a short time.

I didn’t speak to my mother for over 10 years, she had been so deeply wounded in her life, that she could not love me, I have come to accept this. I tried but I couldn’t completely escape the relationship with her. Before she died, I did make an attempt to connect. It was barely tolerable for me, and I rolled my eyes a lot, but I tried to be nice and understanding.

As for my first husband, after 17 years, I finally had enough, took my daughters, and left. When he died, I had already remarried, I knew instantly. He came to me in spirit to say goodbye. And to this day, I will never completely understand how such a hateful and evil
man could be so kind in loving in death…

With my husband, it did seem like he knew, because when I pulled away, he would try to suck me back in… I think that the cord is reconnected only if you let it reconnect. As for my mother, she had no clue, she loved to tell everyone how bad I was because it was all about her… always.

The first time I cut the cords, it felt so strange, that I wasn’t surprised the cords were reconnected. I couldn’t let go and it took a very long time. I think that when I learned what I needed to from these relationships then and only then, could I move on.


I have found this to be true with workings that I have done… since I have actually worked on the cords & releasing what no longer serves me, it’s been a cycle of I can’t truly cut or let go or keep anything away until ultimately the lesson is learned by me on every level.


Thank you so much for your honest and open answer. Your answer provides more clarification for me. There are similarities in our stories.
I am trying to bring a lot more light into these close relationships so I can make things better for my kids. I have somehow not managed to learn the lesson these close relationships are here to teach in all this time. :crazy_face:. However I think it may be possible that if I can learn the lesson that is knocking at my mind’s door, then the relationships may shift rather than end. I am ok with either result. In the meantime, I will send light and love to the situation.

Blessed be.


I read that you can cut cords with, for example, a loved one and rebuild fresh and more positive ones. The only time I tried that I became very, very unexpectedly and quickly upset as I did it – lots and lots of tears – not like me. One candle kind of leaned toward the “me” candle and would not sputter out for 20+ minutes. It just felt wrong to me, like I was doing something more drastic than I wished to do. Before the candles burned completely down, I rebound them. Maybe there is another way? It was an elaborate spell and I don’t think I would do it again, but that could be just my personal experience.


This sounds very much like my first experience. I rebound them too.

This sounds like it’s easier to say than to do. But actually, this never occurred to me. I have learned that you cannot change another person, BUT you can change how you respond to them. And that will change the dynamics of a relationship.

The first step in healing yourself is to recognize the behavior of that person. So for a time, you will just watch… as if you are an observer watching a movie. After a while, when you stop reacting and change your behavior, the situation will change.

There is an energy exchange between you both, but it’s negative for you and the other person… But that person IS receiving energy and I think that’s what’s wanted. In my opinion, the other person is wounded (and we all are to some extent) and it’s their problem! It doesn’t have to be yours!

My triple Gemini :gemini: daughter, just tells her husband, “That’s NOT my problem!” She would not play that negative energy exchange game! She has a really good relationship with her husband and has not repeated the negative patterns that her siblings and I have.

With love and blessings @mary25, I hope my experience helps you :heart:


I did a cord cutting with my so called best friend at the time, who is an empath and a past life witch and medium. It worked wonderfully. We havent spoken since july of last yr


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