Is this.... a Hag Stone?

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I was looking for items to weave into my Reflection Ladder and there at the top of the stones I’d gathered on the past 3 beach trips, I spied this little guy I’d forgotten about.

I had never heard of a Hag Stone until the last challenge so it was never on my mind while I was collecting stones. None of the holes go all the way through so I’m not sure if this would qualify as a Hag Stone.

What do you all think?:thinking:


It could definitely be a hag stone! I mean, I’m not an authority on hag stones :laughing: but I think it definitely counts!


Nice fine, Artemisia! :grinning: :sparkles:

I always had the thought that a Hag Stone had at least one hole that went all the way through- like a gateway, this was what allowed it to channel magick so well. But I’ve also heard that some people used hag stones to try to keep witches away (which obviously does not work :joy:)- so there’s still a lot of mystery around them, if you ask me! (I’m also not an expert on them haha)

If the stone called to you, I would say feel free to include it in your Reflection Ladder- whether or not it is a Hag Stone, something about the stone drew you to it. That’s worthy of being in your spellwork! :heart: :blush: :sparkles:

Blessed be and happy crafting, Artemisia!