Is this bad?

So last night I was performing a quick spell towards the end my fiance walked in and startled me…

He said “Ohhhh baby! I am so sorry, I didn’t realize you we’re in the middle of performing something…”

I said it was fine and just blew out the candle and got up. I didn’t close my circle…will their be any consequences of not closing your circle and not finishing the incantation?


Hey there @triplemoonlove9091! :sparkling_heart: Actually, today I also cast a circle and was anxious not to get interrupted. When I finished my ritual after closing the circle, I realized that yes, there might be some slight differences in properly closing a circle and then not closing a circle properly and leaving your sacred space. But again, everything is rooting from your Mind & Heart! If an emergency comes in or maybe you get interrupted; there is NO need to worry as when the entity called worry enters your physical body & your energy, it could actually manifest! Soo do NOT stress over it, but be mindful that this, if possible, may not be repeated. The best way here tho, is to visualize a small door in your circle from where you can enter and exit if necessary, without breaking your sacred circle! I honestly, don’t know much about consequences but I do know this that, always shield yourself from negative or even doubtful thoughts! I read in a magical book that - “Magick is NOT when you stress over it for any reason or doubt your actions, even if sometimes they seem like a mistake!” Hope this helped, blessed be! :sparkles:


Ahh interruptions :laughing: the bane of any of our existences. I honestly don’t feel like you have any reason to worry. I think if you forget to close your circle you can always go back and close it, cleanse the space, and start fresh :blush:


The Hounds of Hell are coming to bring you endless, smelly puppy kisses. Nah, just kidding, you’re good.

You will have to start whatever you were doing over though.


Hi @triplemoonlove9091!

I’m with what everyone else has said- so long as you weren’t casting baneful magick, I don’t think you have anything to worry about :blush:

That being said, while I don’t personally believe casting a circle is necessary for magick, if someone does choose to cast a circle, then they should absolutely close it again when the spellwork is finished. So in case you haven’t yet done so, I’d recommend closing it- a circle left open can potentially be draining your energy, and even if not/nothing bad happens, like Smriti said- at the very least closing it will put your mind at ease :grinning:

I also second (third?) what Megan and Undomeher said- due to being cut off mid-spell, it’s likely the results won’t manifest, or at least not manifest in the way you are hoping for. But no worries, you can always start again and give it another go! :blush:

Good luck and blessed spellwork! :sparkling_heart:


Just popping in to say, “Awww!” what a sweet fiance to be so worried about the interuption!


I have had the interruption cause some things to need to be redone also. I just haven’t had the energy to redo them yet.

My husband is the same way or used to be. Now before I do something if there are other’s home, I just get up & say that I will be back when I’m finished doing my thing. Whether its a meditation or other working.

I would do what was suggested, close the circle cleanse the space & start over. :smiling_face:


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