Is this something or just part of my strange life?

I’m not a stranger to finding things or something randomly falling meaning something but 3 or 4 in the past few days seems another kind of odd.

Years ago, I was tearing my room apart with lack of nicotine desperation and when I turned to leave the room to tear apart somewhere else a lighter than I hadn’t seen in months was sitting in the middle of the floor and I felt a stiff breeze. The lighter had been given to me in the usually windy smoking are by a coworker who had since past. I picked it up and thanked him

Back to the past few days. First I found this lovely on the floor in my bedroom.

It was in a batch of things from my stepmother about a year ago as they were preparing to move. It’s been bouncing between a cabinet thing that we just moved and being snuck away with by my son so finding it was only a little odd

Then I found an owl that also came from my stepmother. I’ve never really been a fan of owl figurines and this one was ugly. The last time I remember seeing it was in a box that ultimately ended up in a closet. I can’t think of how it could be on my bedroom floor under a couple shirts but there it was

I’ve quickly fallen in love with him and he is on my Altar.

I took a few pictures to try to show you what it’s like living with this thing. Different sides, distance and a couple in different lighting

And yesterday I found a book that went missing before I had a chance to even look at it. We stopped looking for it like 2 years ago

It was on the kitchen floor, face down under a box under the kitchen table. Not too odd right? We’ve only had the table a couple of weeks

And possibly add in the fabulous owl trinket box I found online a little while ago



They’re great finds, maybe they’re finding you. The owl looks cute, it has a “I’m thinking about something” kinda face. I don’t know how others feel about objects turning up, but a friend who works in a magic shop here in Bristol, said that objects come to you when needed and leave you when not. The owl reminds me of that cute talking owl of Athena in the old movie version of Clash of the Titans. :joy::sparkling_heart:.


Those are all quite the finds, @Nixi! That owl is interesting, to say the least. :laughing:

I’ve always believed that if something is a sign, the person who is experiencing it will know best. Signs are subjective, as I’m sure you know!

I think if there’s no other possible explanation, such as a child or someone else moving and finding things, then it’s possible there’s a reason you’re finding these now – or as @tracyS put it – they’re finding you! They may have some sort of significance to you now that they didn’t when you first came across them. :bird:

Whatever it is, I hope you find your answer! :heart:


Maybe you have Brownies that are trying to help you? Leave some milk and honey out and see what happens.


I kind of agree with @MeganB & @tracyS, maybe they are finding you, but only you would know best about that… but if there’s no mundane explanation like someone else in the home moving them then they are possibly finding you & the owl trinket box… so maybe look into owls & their significance if you think they are some kind of something :hugs:


This really isn’t a solution type of thing but thank you all for your thoughts


You’re welcome! :heart: I hope you can figure it out soon – or maybe new things will make an appearance and give you more pieces to the puzzle!

Oh, that’s okay! :blush: You don’t have to choose a “solution” – that’s just an option that comes up in the Q&A category where a lot of our questions go :sweat_smile: – no pressure for solutions at all!


I’ve been and was just talking about Lilith lately so that’s where my mind is going. Anyone else think so?


Well, I don’t know too much about Lilith so I can’t say for sure. I don’t know if birds are associated with her at all, nor plants for that matter?

I went through our Lilith section in the Goddess course and it says she’s associated with serpents, her glyph, the Dark Moon, and owls. :owl: I mean, it could be! I think it’s worth exploring some more if that’s who you’re interested in working with.


I don’t work with Lilith, but she has come up before within the forum. I just linked the topics with her in them here. There should be some good suggestions for further information on her.


If I think of them individually, each one could mean something. Is it possible that there were more than one gift within a few days?

I have been taking a lot about my Grandmother a lot lately and her yard was the bird vacation resort. There were plenty of interesting things in and near the
huge garden and plenty of trees, greenery and snacks, including an all you can eat Holly berry feast :laughing: and numerous feeders, I think there was one in view of every window. The one that she watched from her kitchen window was her favorite as well as the biggest and most popular.

I didn’t spend much time there but I saw more Cardinals there than I have seen in my adult live combined, they were here favorite.

The more I think about it, the owl is the piece I was missing to a connection with Lilith. I needed something that I could see and connect to her with. I remember wishing that I liked owls because that would be perfect. I didn’t really think much of it but like I said, I thought it was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen. I almost gave it to my Sister, we give each other the stuff we don’t know to do with. Knowing that my stepmother but only buys obscenely expensive things, usually on one of there trips and it wouldn’t survive 2 weeks at my Sister’s house so I put it in the closet, I thought I did

Now I absolutely love it and put in on my Altar like I was putting it back where it belonged. The pictures don’t do it justice. It has piercing eyes that seem to follow you around the room and it appears to have different expressions from different angles.

The book turned out to be a multi layer boost that I really needed. I either suddenly picked up a love for making jars, pouches, and scrubs and such or it’s something I used to do.

Each one could have significant meaning but 3 inside of a week?


Sounds like youre about to embark on a magical journey of discovery. Wonderful. Dont know anything about Lilith, but any journey with a deity is a magical one. :heart:


She’s a fun one, wishing you an enjoyable time working with her! :blush: :black_heart:


I think this is entirely possible, especially if there are more factors in play than just one spirit or person! I’m glad you found where the owl belongs – and I agree with @tracyS! It sounds like you’re gearing up for a spiritual journey and a new beginning :owl:


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