It's a good thing that I have a supportive husband

I’ve been playing around with making inks so I have jars of basic recipes that are steeping, steeping jars of “I wonder if this will work”, “If that doesn’t work I wonder if adding this will, if it works” and multiple versions of many of them.
We have a very small living space and I couldn’t think of a good place to keep them so they are on the top shelf of a household closet.
Now when my poor husband opens the closet he just shakes his head :woman_facepalming:t3: :heart: :joy:


I have a supportive husband too. He makes me things & brings me home things. I have a jar in the freezer… he just moved it to the back & was like… that can stay there :laughing:


@Susurrus shoot i have 3 in the freezer and Gary just shuffles them around. He knows better. Shoot he told me to do my worst, remember twinsie? Lol

And he hasn’t dug up the ones in the yard. And even helped remove items from the property far far away, and he even knows the good graveyards (hundreds of yrs old) he he he


I can totally relate… I tend to have small space too and turned or unneeded storage space into my sacred space. He is 50-50 about my craft to i keep most things in their and my practice too, but he does catch me with different crystals on and asks me to do occasional spells. All in all i guess its working.
I would be totally laughing or smirking at the very least as i do when i see my husband give me a look… :laughing: :blush:


Three cheers for supportive partners! :clinking_glasses: :tada:

Mine is pretty supportive, too. He’s told me he doesn’t care what I do with my witchcraft :laughing: He’s very much a skeptic, but that’s okay! He loves and supports me anyway :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He constantly points out things that might be useful for me, will encourage me to buy something I like, or even buy it for me if he thinks I’ll like it.

He’ll ask questions about workings that I’m doing sometimes, but mostly he just shrugs his shoulders and lets me do my thing :joy:


Oh, my husband & even my kids either find things & bring them home to me or new places to go… my daughter will ask questions & kind of get involved at times, but at her age, I think the waxing & waning of her interest & willingness to learn about it is kind of normal. So I answer her questions & let her “help” when she is inclined.

My husband so far has made me a hanging incense burner, a pentacle chandelier with 5 little cauldron tealight holders that hang from it, and an athame *(although, I don’t really use one, I do have a Selenite one, but that stays on my main altar & is really only used more as symbolism or an offering to the Morrigan when I am working with her.

I have a wand made of crystals, but again, I don’t use it very often at all, but it’s beautiful & it was made to order & I love it. So there are rare occasions that I will use it… but it’s not a regular thing.

Otherwise, my husband has brought me home items he knows or thinks I will like or be able to use in my practice. My son does it too & usually the things my son brings home he finds from job sites that he is on for work. :laughing:


my husband and kids are very supported of my witchcraft and my husbands even buys me books and crystals i may need and some of my herbs and jars as well . He also even got my a 3 drawer to put my stuff in . So I say 3 cheers for husbands and family’s that support us in our witchcraft. :pray: )


@nikki12 ha ha ha mine does too. Hes a goober. He even built me shelves for my oils to get them off the dresser. Bought me a super nice cabinet for all my herbs. He even Randomly brings me home jars. Like i said a goober. Ha ha ha ha


Yes that is true . I am starting to make my own essential oils and creams and made him a peppermint hand and foot cream and he said that it made his foot soft and not rough since is he is on his foot a lot for his job . :slight_smile:


@nikki12 oh thats wonderful. I do the same with my hubs. He screams for his oils. He he he he


Right lol so i try to make sure there is a few jars .lol


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