It's the Waxing Crescent Moon Time

*This is a great time for spells to bring good things intoyourlife. The Moon Sets just after 7:00pm though.
So you might want to get started shortly after Sunset. That’sNorthern Hemisphere of course. *


Thanks for this @john4! I was thinking of doing a road opener spell. It seems a good time to do it.


Thanks @john4 I’m going to do some manifesting this evening. I’ve not done it or meditation in a while, I miss it. Time to get back in the swing of things!:wink:
@Amethyst Road opener sounds great!
Blessed Be,


I try so hard to do things by the moon, but everyone is home at my house and lately I have felt very self conscious about my spell work. I’m much more confident and I don’t feel as rushed when I am home by myself. I do want to do a prosperity spell and one that for good things to come to me and self love. (I feel like I can find the right words today, I know what I want to do it for, but can’t articulate it properly). Maybe I will write my own spell for it. I will work on that now so it is ready for tonight.

I am eager for the full moon to charge my crystals and stones. They feel stale as does my room. I need to get them back to cleansed and charged. I’m going to place them on Selenite the days leading up to the full moon and then charge them all. It’s been since September that they have been charged or cleansed.