I've a question ⁉️

Im new to tarot but I can’t determine what these cards mean:
The moon
9 of cups
The emperor

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks you!!!


When I was first starting out I did intuitive readings, but that was years ago. When I started again last year, I learned the meanings from the booklets that came with each deck and off of Biddy Tarot. Ultimately I went back to intuitive meanings, though. :sweat_smile:

The Moon
9 Of Cups
The Emperor

Two of those are Major Arcana and @Amethyst made/shared poems for them.

The Moon
The Emperor

The way I do intuitive readings:

  1. What suit is the card? The suites line up with the elemental energies.
    Pentacles/Coins - Earth
    Swords - Air
    Wands - Fire
    Cups - Water
  2. What is the number? Numerology (back to biddy tarot :wink: ) can play a helpful role in what the cards mean, if you want to use it.
  3. Where are the cards facing? In your example, person in the nine of cups could be facing the moon or the emperor depending on its orientation.
  4. What imagery is on the cards? Each deck will have different imagery on the cards making the meanings slightly different.

Maybe my way is more difficult than learning the standard meanings but I find it opens the cards to more interpretation. I hope all of this helps. :slight_smile:


I got my tarot deck a while ago and it came with the booklet.
The meaning of the cards are in Romanian, however I’m going to do my best to translate them as good as possible.

The Moon:
Upright: hidden enemies, danger, greed, darkness, terror, error.
Reversed: instability, silence, error but in a smaller amount.

9 of Cups:
Upright: wellness, victory, success, advantage, satisfaction.
Reversed: truth, loyalty, freedom .

The Emperor:
Upright: stability, power, help, protection, important person, rationality.
Reversed: compassion, kindness, but also confusion with the enemies, immaturity.


You’ve got some great advice here so far, but I also wanted to point out that Francisco is working on a tarot course on the website. I’ve linked it here for you!


Thank you, Megan! I totally forgot about that. :grimacing: Sorry, @Francisco!


Like @praecog29 said, there are many ways to interpret their meanings! A lot of it is intuitive and might depends on context, e.g. the question asked. The booklet is a good start too, as mentioned by diavoline!

Thanks Megan for linking to the Tarot video course. Not all cards have been included yet but I’m now working on the suit of Cups and it will soon be uploaded.

In the meantime,

9 of Cups usually represents satisfaction, happiness, a good path, pride, fulfilled and realized emotions. :trophy:


ThAnks to everyone bc I have a rough, hard to explain issue to explain but I need help.advice, guidance. I feel lost :sob:


Hey, Darlin! I was going to post these links tomorrow with my tarot poem but it seems like you might need them now. I get a lot of my info for my tarot poems from these two books:

The Ultimate Guide to Tarot and Tarot for Beginners.

Both are really clear and easy to understand.

Also if you want a video course to go with the one @Francisco has made, Lisa Papez on YouTube has a great one called Tarot Memoirs, starting with The Fool. She has a couple of five go-to books that look interesting that I may look at later.

As for what your cards mean, The Moon is a card of illusions. Using your intuition to see past those and getting to the meat of the problem itself. The Nine of Cups is known as The Wish Card usually and means good things. And The Emperor is the Dad of the deck or the president. The head dude in charge. It depends on your situation.

But it does depend on if you’re reading uprights and reversed or not. That is totally up to you. Hope this helps you out! :hugs:


@christina4 By the cards you mentioned it sounds like this is going to be an important time for you. Stay strong! Feel free to message me or anyone in the Forum if you need to vent. :grin: That’s what we’re here for!


ok if I may, let me show YOU how to remember The Moon!
THE MOON - when the moon is out you sleep, typically. And what do you do when you sleep? = “DREAM” !!! But since it is dark in the moonlight, things are not always as they seem, they are only what you perceive them to be- which could be “illusions.” And at that point, we need to really use our “intuition” to keep us safe and help figure things out.
ok so you are now going to remember that every single time you see The Moon Tarot card, the moon in the sky, even the word “moon” - you are going to remember the words: “dreams, illusions, intuition.”
Say it out loud: dreams, illusions, intuition.


Thanks, I might take you up on that!!!