Jar spell question

How long do you keep the jar? Do you re-use it?

I have this vision of a Crazy Cat Lady tripping over a 1000 magic jars dating back to her 20’s and 30’s, lol


I generally keep them until they’ve shown the results I intended or if they stop showing signs of success. If they don’t show signs of success within 2-3 lunar cycles then I release it, do a follow up entry in my spell log and then wash the jar physically and put it in my cabinet for later use and if I feel led to do so I will change the spell slightly or recast it on the next appropriate lunar phase


bows to your wisdom Thank you!


I keep it sealed until it manifests, unless you feel you did something wrong and prefer to clean it out and start over.


I tend to do the same type of things, I keep them sealed until they have manifested. Then either burn or bury the contents (depends on what the spell was for) & then I cleanse the jar with smoke.

I have a calm & anti-anxiety pocket sized spell jar that I have kept since around May. or June. I have charged it under the full moon :full_moon: I am not ready to release it yet.

I also have a grief spell bag hanging over my bed. I will charge that when I can under the full moon for about 6 months & then reassess how I’m doing. I check in with myself at least once a month. If I have to I will redo the bag, but we’ll see how it goes. :blush:


I do what everyone else said. I just dump the herbs into the earth or my garden somewhere. I keep the crystals…duh! :roll_eyes: Lol


Please share those spell jars with us :heart_eyes:


Peace, Love, Calm Spell Jar Ritual - Weekly Challenge

Anti-Anxiety Jar Spell with Crystals and Herbs :sparkles:

Grief Healing Sachet (pdf & web link included)

These are the ones that I have used @mirta I hope 1 of them works for you. :blush: