Jeannie's Weekly Witchy Challenge_ A MagicKal Blessing

I have decided to banish all the bane, and stay connected to the natural world :earth_americas: through Kitchen Witchery! I was mindful of Diety and getting and banishing the things that hinder my life with spirits help!
I made a “Potato Chowder”Recipe

I added a couple things to it to give it a little more of a witchy feel. I got my recipe from “*Fix it and forget it”*Big cookbook and it actually said to slow cook however I use my “Instant Pot”
I threw in some extra Luv into my recipe by adding herbs :herb: to my craft . I used winter ship and a banishing ritual using a counter clockwise pentagram . I lite my flame :fire: and asked Mighty Hecate and Persephone to please Bless me with good health and banishing a negativity in my mind. I want to be transformed and make good decisions. I used a blessing from Pinterest.


8 cups peeled diced potatoes
3 1/4 ounce can chicken broth
1/4 teaspoon pepper
8oz of cream cheese
Garlic for Hecate
I just added some witchy herbs and looked up some correspondences to connect with earth and nature and heal myself.

I feel blessed :innocent: that I am able to use kitchen witchery in my craft. I am happy that I am becoming more confident in my craft to invoke spirit in my life. Also I feel blessed to have my wonderful coven to share with! I decided to do this because I was listening to
Adding witchcraft to your every day life.Adding witchcraft to your every day life
Also I had help with spells eight discerning where the moon was tonight and looks like we are inn

Nick Wick I really like how you asked for the highest level of the divine!
Thanks :pray:t4: for Letting me share my sacred space with you and may all of you be blessed beyond measure !
:sparkles: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - A Magickal Blessing
Blessed be!



Absolutely beautiful, @Jeannie, and not only that- this sounds delicious as well! You are one talented Kitchen Witch! :woman_cook: :sparkles: The herbs you chose are all quite potent- I’m sure this potato chowder was a very tasty blessing indeed :yum:

Great job and thanks for sharing! :sparkling_heart:


That sounds like an absolutely yummy blessing @Jeannie1! I bet it turned out great. Well done!


Great job @Jeannie1! I hope it turned out great, it sounds like it did! Awesome job choosing the herbs for the chowder. I like to cook with intent also! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Travel Witch
I think I’m actually starting to feel awesome About cooking and feeling as though I’m connected to nature. I could’ve grown a onion and I feel empowered! I’m thinking why not grow an onion? This is a standard vegetable everybody should have. And as far as herbs go I need to grow some herbs so I’m going to go to Green acres and purchase swine herbs to get started


Amethyst- Thanks :blush: I really liked your blessings you wrote!
I should put it in the bos!


It’s great to cook with intent and connect to earth! I I like connecting to all the elements that’s awesome when you can do thatLol


Oh, this sounds tasty! Plus a bonus blessing!


@Jeannie1 I like how you used your phone to trace the pentagram! :pentagram: :smiley: Thank you for your inspiring photos and a great example of adding witchcraft to everyday life!


I am so glad I learned Witchcraft thanks to spells 8 and our coven I have the support I need.
I feel blessed !
Next time I’m going to use bacon or ham for my potato chowder. In everything that you do you can incorporate magic which is awesome!


Go for it, Jeannie! :onion: :grin: Onions are great, and I believe they are one of the vegetables you can actually grow in pots. So even if it gets rather chilly outside, you can continue to follow your Green and Kitchen Magick passions and grow food indoors :blush:

Happy gardening and cooking! :sparkles::heart:


I love this @Jeannie1 it looks delicious :yum: and I love the blessing! I also love how you drew the pentagram!!!


Aw thank you Christina, What can I say to share my gratitude! Thank you very Much!nie


The Travel Witch,
Okay I am going to try this Travel Witch, this weekend because it will give me something like confidence. Just to be able to do something that I can do will give me some kind of purpose in this life. Who knows maybe Ill be like the wands and sticks I the tarot like the number to looking ahead and find some growth. Or the ace of wands new beginnings! Ow and thank You :blush: You are so sweet thank you for always being such a great friend! I am going to do it for sure this weekend!
I have been getting involved with nature and know I have some house plants 🪴 I like learning about my plants :seedling: what they like and dislike :-1: they all have a different personality! For example when they talk about a masculine plant then I believe that they are insinuating that they have the energy kind of like a BlackBerry it’s wild I bet you it’s masculine!
I hope your having a good day I know your thinking of moving and hope things are going well for you!
Thanks again!


That sounds like some very fun weekend plans- enjoy it, @Jeannie1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Connecting with nature through gardening and green magick feels so… fulfilling, like coming home to our natural selves? It’s hard to describe, but I absolutely understand how it is calling to you. Good for you for pursuing that interest! :green_heart:

And thanks so much- the plans for moving are in the works (a big project for sure!) and things are going well here :blush: I hope you are doing well too!

Lots of love! :sparkles:


The Travel Witch,
I am headed to the store right know to pick up the onions so I can get grounded with nature today!
Thank you TrAavel Witch!!!


Got my :onion:
This one is going to be fun!


Hooray for the onions! :partying_face: :onion: Enjoy, @Jeannie1, wishing you a wonderful time connecting with nature :national_park:

Blessed be! :sparkles: