Jet Information 💎

Mineral Family: Araucariaceae
Structure: Wood 🪵
Hardness: 3-4
Chakra: Third eye, Root
Zodiac: Capricorn :capricorn:
Element: Earth :earth_americas:
Planet: Earth :earth_africa:, Saturn :ringer_planet:
Color: Black :black_heart:, Brown :brown_heart:, Matallic luster :metal:

🪵 Jet, AKA Lignite, is created from decaying wood under extreme pressure. The wood belongs to a family of trees called Araucariaceae, which are an ancient group of cone-bearing trees that existed during the Jurassic and Cretaceous period.

🪵 Jet has been used as far back as 10,000 BC with a carving of larva discovered near the Venuses of Petersfel.

🪵 This compressed stone can be found not only in the UK but the US, Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Canada, Cambodia and Australia.

🪵 Jet has a soft form and a hard form. Soft Jet occurs when carbon is compressed with freshwater. Hard Jet forms when carbon is compressed with saltwater.

🪵 Jet is a Mineraloid, which is a natural occuring substance that seems like a mineral but does not demonstrate structural crystals.

🪵 Jet works well in drawing out negative energies that surround your aura. It’s like a purifier, drawing and dispelling unwanted energies when at the same time it brings in positivity.

🪵 The Romans believed Jet would protect them from evil entities, especially the “Evil Eye” :nazar_amulet:

🪵 Jet is a stone that roots you down to earth while assisting in balancing and protecting.

🪵 Ajoite works well with Jet. It’s a strengthener of the emotional spirit.

🪵 Jet works very well with Moldavite in leading the user to achieve the highest level in one’s transformation process.

🪵 Other Properties: 🪵
Channeling and grounding higher vibrations, astral travel, insight, purification, protection, luck and good fortune, grounding, clearing, connecting with nature, dispelling negative energy, transformation.

I have hard Jet…

Again, sorry for the bad pics :pensive: I’ll add better pics from Google:

Here’s the metallic Jet:

Hers the soft form of Jet:

Hers hard Jet:

And the brown Jet:


So odd that you decide to do this post… I’m wondering if it is lightweight because I think my husband gave me a small piece of hard Jet. Thank you for sharing the information! :blush:

We had the top 20+ feet of a tree :deciduous_tree: come down in the backyard, part of it was in the neighbor’s backyard too. So my husband talked to the homeowner & they decided to let him cut up & remove the tree to our yard. After my husband had finished moving the tree, he says, “Hunny, I found you something.” & proceeds to give me a piece of black, shiny, mineral (? it feels too light to be a stone of any kind & it’s almost brittle, comes off in like shales or sheets. The way it’s outside is it could be compressed wood though) I wish someone else in the house was awake right now so I could take a picture :framed_picture: :rofl:


Yes it’s light! I think you may have found either petrified wood or Jet. Well, jet is mostly black.


Yes! This is a Jet Black… (see what I did there? :joy: I am hilarious).

Dammit, people! Wake Up! :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

I wonder how my neighbors would feel if I was looking in their grass for more of it? They already think I’m a little off :rofl:


Hahaha I wouldn’t care. But then again, I am cocoo for crystals!! :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My daughter’s friend likes them too & told her that she has an “enormous & beautiful” collection. Then proceeded to show them to my daughter over the phone. So my daughter said, “That’s nothing compared to my mom. She has a whole room full of them!”& came into my room to video chat all of my crystals to her friend. :joy:


Aw that’s awesome :sunglasses: :gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem::gem:


@christina4, hon, I have jet and onyx and they’ve gotten mixed in with other crystals in my box. Now I can’t tell which is which. Any advice?


Jet is very lightweight compared to a stone because it is wood. Other than that… I’m not sure & @christina4 is a better resource if you still can’t tell which is which.


Huh. Thanks, @Siofra! I’ll have to go through my box of crystals and check that out!


Like @Siofra said, jet is very light. It’s wood basically. And onyx is definitely heavier. If you still can’t tell, you could take a pic and I could try to see the difference.


I may do so the next time I want to play with jet. Bug you about it that is. Right now it’s in my gem box and I’m too lazy to go over and get it. LOL!


It’s no problem :blush: I always lazy :sloth:


So today, I did my 3rd meditation to meet the Morrigan. Each time I set up my altar for Her & today I made incense with her corresponding herbs :herb: that I have access to (Mugwort & Dragon’s Blood Resin. I added some cloves for added protection). While I was looking up variations of loose incense with those ingredients (before I settled on keeping it simple) I found the Morrigan’s correspondences list that I had saved… 1 of her stones/woods is Jet! My husband just found me the piece I have last week! So I put that in front of the candles :candle: I lit for her too. So funny that it is appearing multiple times since he found it! :dizzy:


What a neat coincidence!!!