Jewelry designer in UK


Check this shop out on eBay UK.
Love the pentacle and the elephant pendants.

They accept commission designs!

Pentacle is down now to £2.99
I want to make something similar, using Hawthorne it birchwood from my garden.


Wow- she makes some truly beautiful jewelry! :heart_eyes:

Chiming in with some links so that anyone interested in this great shop can access it quickly: Rowshan Designs on Etsy & Rowshan Designs on eBay.

Thanks for sharing your recommendation, @Basil! :raised_hands:

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You do a great job searching for the right links. I did not want to give any links to avoid copyright issues.
I’m so sloppy :smile_cat::rofl:

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No worries at all @Basil! :grin: You are very smart to have copyright on the mind- but actually, adding a link and giving credit to the owner is the best way to avoid copyright issues! :+1:

It is strongly encouraged that everyone shares links- one, it helps protect both you and the site (because by not giving a source link/credit, this is like claiming content you don’t own- a risky business!). And two- links are a way to share content with the coven, they make it easy for others to check out your great source :blush:

For anyone interested, there is a more detailed explanation (as well as a guide on how to hyperlink) in the thread about Content Ownership.

Thank you again to Basil for recommending this lovely jewelry design shop! :gem: :sparkles: I will keep in mind if I find myself on the hunt for new accessories :relaxed: