July 2022 🎂 Let's Celebrate Birthdays!

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Welcome to July :partying_face: Let’s wish all of our July babies a very :birthday: Happy Birthday :birthday: :partying_face:

Please note, if you don’t see your birthday listed here, check your profile and make sure it’s added there! Then send me a message with your birthdate and I’ll update this list so we can all celebrate you!

July 2nd

:birthday: @amy58

July 3rd

:birthday: @Samrych97

July 5th

:birthday: @pedros10 - @kira-marie - @Zira333 - @Kittia

July 6th

:birthday: @carrie4 - @Storm1313

July 7th

:birthday: @angela1 - @destinee2

July 12th

:birthday: @SageDove - @jayson

July 13th

:birthday: @Oh_My_Wonderland

July 14th

:birthday: @luna2

July 17th

:birthday: @traci3 - @coreenacoreena

July 18th

:birthday: @AmandaZ-17 - @Tejaareads

July 20th

:birthday: @olivia-ann

July 21st

:birthday: @CelestiaMoon - @Jamaal - @ayyyyitskay

July 22nd

:birthday: @Gingermynx

July 23rd

:birthday: @amanda5 - @lisa47 - @karen8 - @raissa

July 24th

:birthday: @TrmpledUndrFoot

July 25th

:birthday: @sea - @sweepea1996 - @jodie2

July 26th

:birthday: @dinlovetter

July 27th

:birthday: @LadyAuld.ofChico - @Jamie78 - @kristina9

July 29th

:birthday: @autumn2

July 30th

:birthday: @LotusMoon

July 31st

:birthday: @Lethica - @Billy

Thank you all for being part of the Spells8 family! No matter your age, we all appreciate you and hope you have an amazing birthday if you choose to celebrate it!


Happy birthday to all the July babies out there! May your month be a magical one!


Happy birthday, my magical friends!

Regen, My new dragon baked you a … ah… um…well… a Cake?


July 2nd

Happy :hugs: Magical :dizzy: Birthday :birthday: @amy58

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JULY 2 Birthday Horoscope:
you are likely to be loyal, calculative, and affectionate. Some would say you own these qualities more so than the other Crabs and a visionary trait. You will not let anyone take you for a ride. You have a unique mystical quality that provides a shield for your compassionate and sensitive nature.

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Happy Birthday to all of the July 2022 members :birthday:

I hope your days are as special as you are & magically positive :magic_wand: & enhancing your best qualities. :dizzy:

I have a son whose birthday is in a few days, so this time of year aside from being summer is very special for me. The memories of the day I went into labor are some great ones to have each year at the beginning of July because I look at him now & I am very proud of the man he has become.



Happy birthday to each and everyone of you!! You’re all special in your own way!!


July 3rd - Happy :hugs: Magical :dizzy: Birthday :birthday: @Samrych97


If you were born on July 3…
you are acutely aware of everything going on around you! There are hundreds of mental notes floating around in your head, as well as thoughts, ideas, and theories. You’re intelligent, creative, and in a constant state of mental exercise. It may be wise to keep some of these thoughts to yourself, since some of them can be quite cynical. You tend to be judgmental because you pick up on others’ flaws so easily – but give them a break! No one is perfect.

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Happy Birthday to all the July babies in the forum!! :partying_face: :sparkles:

This is your month- hope you all have a wonderful one! :heart: :blush:


Happy :hugs: July 5th Birthday :birthday: to @pedros10 & @kira-marie & @Zira333 & @Kittia

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Cancer Birthday Horoscope


You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a great time this year. You just have to be with the right people in the right place. The more you cultivate an attitude of simplicity this birthday cycle, the better off you’ll be. It’s important that you also pay attention to your health now and through November. This is a great time to start to eat better, exercise, and practice relaxation techniques. Any energy you put into these areas will pay off for you in a big way by the beginning of next year. ~Birthday Horoscope


Happy :hugs: Magical :dizzy: Birthday :birthday: to @carrie4 and @Storm1313 on this 6th day of July 2022

July 6: Cancer

Celebrating the sweet and sensitive style of the zodiac’s caring Crab

You like to cherish and protect the people around you. That’s why you’re always anticipating what they need and giving it to them before they even ask.

If you were born on July 6, you set your sights on what you want – and then you go after it! When it comes to your career and goals, this is a valuable trait that will leave everyone around you admiring your audacity. However, if you turn this aggressive ambition towards another person, you may become possessed with desire. It’s vital that you learn early on that you cannot control others, only yourself. So, go after your dreams – as long as you’re at the center of them.
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MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW 7/7/81!!! @angela1 Happy Birthday!!! @carrie4 and @Storm1313 HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! :partying_face:


Happy Birthday!! May your birthdays be wonderful! :birthday::tada:


Woohoo!!! :partying_face: Happy Birthday @destinee2- may it be a magickal one for you! :heart:


Happy birthday! I added you to the list :blush:


I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to:
@amy58 for July 2nd hope you had an amazing day :birthday: :bouquet:
@Samrych97 for July 3rd hope you had an amazing day :bouquet: :birthday:
@pedros10 @kira-marie @Zira333 @Kittia for July 5th hope your day was amazing :birthday: :bouquet:
@carrie4 @Storm1313 for July 6th hope your all having a wonderful day today :birthday: :bouquet:


:tada: Happy Birthday July Sprouts :balloon:

:gift: of love and a blessing :birthday:



July 7th is a Power Day 7:7

Happy :hugs: Magickal :dizzy: Birthday :birthday: to @angela1 & @destinee2 on this 7th day of the 7th month!


Born Today, July 7:
You are excellent at putting ideas into action and working hard for what you want in life. Recognition may sometimes make you uncomfortable or shy, but quiet recognition is a true motivator for you. You have a respectable, authoritative air about you. You can be a real worrier at times, but worrying in healthy doses, when achieved, helps you to plan effectively. At times, you can be stubborn and a little controlling. Certainly, you often feel that one person is better than a group at getting a job done. You are a builder and enjoy taking the lead, quietly.

Your Birthday Year Forecast Summary:
Love, business, and money benefit from more focus and patience, while your projects are exciting and dynamic. Fortunately, it’s easier to find a balance between your responsibilities and personal enjoyment or recreation. However, identifying your priorities and disciplining yourself to focus on them can be a struggle at times this year.

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A wonderful and Happy Birthday :birthday: to @angela1 and @destinee2 wishing you both a wonderful day with many blessings. :bouquet:


Thank u so much Im excited to be turning 50.