Just hear me out, I believe this is a funny story;

5 years ago, after getting out of a 26 years marriage, I bought a promise ring, that will symbolize my freedom, my new Beginning, a new life, we’re only one thing mattered, an that was me, and only me, and my “HAPPYNESS”. Days after I Kept having the same dream of an infinity symbol, couldn’t figure out what it meant. I kept having the dreams night after night. I had dreams like this before; some were warning, others prepared me for a dramatic event, others lead me to good things, like getting a new job, meeting a new person in my life, but always changing my life in one way or another. Months after having the same dream every night one day I walked in to a department store the first thing I saw behind a jewelry glass was this infinity ring, so I new I had to buy it. The same night my dreams stopped. I couldn’t understand what my dream meant until last night… let me back it up a few days before. I started having the dream again, Last week I was on PINTEREST just reading about spells, and magic symbols I wanted to continue writing on my BOS I end up on this website “spells8.com” I looked around and watch the video of Francisco talking about everything you do in this website I decided that I want to be a member so I bought a year membership. I been here six days…I believe. But not until today I realize the name of the coven “infinite roots” Is it a coincidences, I don’t think so. I believe I was meant to find this coven, I’m happy here, so I wanted to say thank you to every member and I apologize for being late. But is better to be late than never. Oh if you’re wondering, yes! my dream has stopped. This happened for a reason. :black_cat: :pentagram: :infinity:

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@Katiria You are home, there are no coincidences, it was meant to be :magic_wand:


@marsha said it best. I just wanted add:

Welcome home!


It always feels so beautiful and special to be guided in one’s dreams :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

And this is a beautiful place to be guided to! :relaxed: :infinite_roots:

And like attracts like :heart:


Infinity and Synchronicity coming together in our Roots! :infinite_roots: YAY! :smiley:

Welcome @Katiria I loved reading your story. Thank you so much for sharing. Something must have aligned and you came home to your soul path.

Many Blessings!!


Wow, what an amazing story! You being here was meant to be! Welcome! I’m Amethyst from Southern West Virginia.

If you have any questions about the courses or anything else, just ask and someone will pop up to help you out. We’re good like that. I look forward to getting to know you better!


Well, welcome home @Katiria! I’m Siofra from Cape Cod & I have been a part of the site & the coven since July of 2020. I am constantly learning something from someone in the forum. I am an Eclectic Celtic Witch.

I hope you are finding your way through the courses alright & the Daily Devotional is another great place to start for an idea of deities, candles :candle:, meditations :woman_in_lotus_position: , teas :tea:, little things that you can add to your daily practice if you would like to. Another great page if you enjoy the Moon :full_moon: is Moon Phase & Spell For Today is another great resource & it updates every day. I remember I used both regularly as I was going through the courses & first starting out. My daughter will assist me with things like that, as well as my husband. Especially if it’s a full moon :rofl:

If you have any questions or anything to share feel free to do so & jump in on any open topic. Someone will be with you as soon as they can & get you pointed in the right direction if they don’t have any idea. We are all very friendly, helpful, & supportive of each other’s unique paths. :infinite_roots:


Thank you :sparkling_heart:


It sounds like everything fell into place for you, Katiria- a huge congrats to you for listening to heart and finding your way! :heart: It really does look like the Universe led you here and that it was all meant to be :blush:

Infinite Roots is very blessed to have you- make yourself at home here, Katiria! :infinite_roots: :infinity: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh wow, what a story! It sounds like you were meant to find this place :infinity: :infinite_roots: We’re happy to have you! And that’s a gorgeous ring, too!


Thank you, I definitely feel at home. Everyone it’s so nice and friendly. Hopefully I’ll be able to get to know some of you guys and become friends.


If you’re here, I already consider you my friend! :smile: :heart: Hahaha maybe it’s just me, but I really think there’s a strong bond between coven members that equals friendship :infinite_roots: :two_hearts:

You’re already doing the best thing one can do to meet folks here, which is making posts in the forum! Aditionally, there are the Forum Activities (like the weekly challenge, group ritual, book club, etc) that tend to be good places to connect and chat with others :blush: You are warmly invited to join any activity/discussion here that interests you, Katiria!

Many blessings! :sparkles:


That is such an awesome story! It’s always so amazing to me when things like that happen. I am not one to have that kind of stuff happen to me but I find it very intriguing! What a remarkable way to find your place! :sparkles:


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