Key of Solomon Book anyone?

Hi just really interested in the key of Solomon book and wondering does anyone own a translated or other relevant book? if you do is it any good?


I honestly didn’t know much about the book, but I found this article explaining it’s origins & contents:

This book of spells and designs, translated into several languages, says that King Solomon wrote it for his son Rehoboam, but then had him hide it in Solomon’s tomb when he died. Later, legend holds that a Babylonian philosopher found and cast a spell on the book after receiving instructions from an angel.

The content of the Key of Solomon varies from spells and curses to instructions on how to find love or become invisible. It sometimes invokes the name of Jesus Christ, who was not known by name to King Solomon, dispelling any doubt that the biblical king had anything to do with this book. The coupling of magic and Christianity was not unusual in Italy in the Middle Ages. The Key of Solomon is just one of the more well-known pieces of such literature from that time.
Key of Solomon Book - Compelling Truth

I saw that there are updated versions & it is translated in multiple languages.

I would try either:



I have never read it but the Key of Solomon is out of copyright and available for free online at Sacred Texts :blush: I believe this version was translated by AE Waite.

I believe there may even be a copy on the page here on Spells8 with out of copyright ebooks. You can try that, too.


I think i might have that book in a pdf. Let me check


Thank you. I cannot stop my curious self sometimes :blush:


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