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Hello! Yesterday my 10 year old niece called me and said “I’m a witch in training.” :heart: She wanted to know if I had any good spell books to recommend her. Does anyone have any good ones? She’s a fairly advanced reader, but I still want to make sure they are kid friendly. Thank you so much!


Welcome @Ragamonster! That is so sweet of her! My daughter is 13 & says the same thing :laughing:

I will have to look at my list, I know I have somethings on there for my daughter. So I will get back to you!

I’m Siofra_Strega, one of the moderators in the forum from Cape Cod. If you have any other questions or information to share, please feel free to do so.

I know that you can get her a gift certificate to the site so that she maybe do some courses from here. They are all great information for her to get started with different aspects. They have cast along videos & intro to meditation. Or you could use Insight Timer (app) to get her started with learning to meditation or the One Moment Meditation… the whole video is 5 minutes but the actual meditation time is 1 minute. It’s totally guided & explains the process.

As for other learning tools, there’s Round the Cauldron by our own MeganB with blog posts about different subjects & The Eclectic Green Witchery by our own SilverBear who also has oodles of videos on YouTube under: The Eclectic Green Witchery channel


Hello and welcome @Ragamonster :infinite_roots:

I think that @Susurrus has provided some great links for you. I hope you find what you are looking for. Please keep us update. It’s nice to meet you.

With love :heart: and magick :dizzy: always
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Greetings @Ragamonster! :blush:

That is so cute- both that your niece is a witch in training, and also that she felt drawn to reach out and let you know! She must look up to you a lot :mage: :sparkles:

Siofra shared some great resources, and I second the idea about online learning! Perhaps the Spellcasting 101 Guide would be a good place for her to start?

Spellingcasting 101 Guide

The content explores some of the main areas of casting by breaking them down into units. For readers of all levels, the text is spaced with colorful visuals and even videos that can make learning fun and engaging- it’s very digestible reading materials! :books:

If she prefers traditional books, I came across The Junior Witch’s Handbook: A Kid’s Guide to White Magic, Spells, and Rituals (on amazon). I haven’t read it, but it looks cute and has good reviews- you might check it (or the other recommended books further down the page) to see if anything looks like something your niece might enjoy! :grinning:

I hope you’re able to find the perfect materials for her- good luck and blessed be to both of you! :heart:


Thank you! She is only looking for physical books so I appreciate the Amazon recommendation :slight_smile:


Oh! Amazon is great, Pagan Portals is mostly free on the Kindle Unlimited (I like actual books better) but there are kids books or easy beginner books on there too!