Kindness and an amazing experience

We found this bee in my garage…must of gotten trapped in there. She was in pretty sad shape… :frowning:

So I scooped her up, and spoke to her. Told her she was safe while my husband pieced together this bowl of sugar water - It was basically honey and water and we added rocks, and glass beads so she wouldn’t drown. I also added a slice of orange.

She almost immediately started drinking. It was amazing to watch. She probably sat there a good 10 minutes drinking. Her little wings started fluttering…and she began to crawl on my hand. Up my arm…and then lifted off and hoovered in front of my face for a few seconds…almost as if to say, “Thank you” and she flew away.

I do not know why, but at the moment I got so emotional and started to cry. They were happy tears, but also sad I lost my bee friend. LOL. I know it sounds silly because the whole ordeal lasted about 15 minutes.

The power of kindness for all creatures – what an amazing feeling.


My Love and respect for you grows with every post you put up. Your spell jars are amazing, but this tops all of that. :purple_heart:


I think that’s a beautiful thing you did for that wonderful bee :honeybee: You saved their life and helped them on their way! :heart:

Yes to all of this! :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles:


Oh that’s so awesome! I’m so happy that you got to save it & help it go to do it’s things & have it’s adventures :revolving_hearts:

We have them, mostly bumbles, that flit around our rhododendron & when my daughter was younger we told her that if you were gentle with them, they will give you a high five & let you pet them. Now she waits for them & when she sees one doing it’s thing she talks to them & gives them a little pat with the tip of her finger before scooting off to whatever it is that catches her fancy. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We also have bunnies that come into our front yard & the back, but my son, his girlfirend, & myself were planting bulbs. Afterward we just kind of sat in the front yard & we had a bunny friend come into the circle with us not 3 feet away & just go about it’s thing eating grass & clover. My son’s girlfriend couldn’t believe that it was so close to us doing it’s thing & seemingly not bothered that we were sitting right there with it. Then it just hopped along on it’s way to it’s next adventure. :laughing:


Awww, this is so beautiful :sob: :sparkling_heart: :honeybee:


Sweet little bee! And how wonderful of you! I’ve made bee baths with my kids the last several summers. We have been working to plant only native species that are pollinator friendly on our property. Our front walk is covered in lantana that the bees and butterflies love. We take terra cotta saucers, decorate them with stones and marbles and sit them around our flower beds. I try to keep them filled! This year the 4 year old might be a good rememberer!


So beautiful and heart warming :heart::heart:


I’m so glad you saved this little bee, what a gift! So magickal!
Thank you for sharing with us! :honeybee: :heart:


You’re a bee hero, @SilverBear! That was a very kind thing you did and it sounds like she appreciated it :honeybee: :two_hearts:

A lovely story- thank you for sharing! It made me smile :blush:


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