Lab created gems and crystals?

Anyone ever work with the lab created versions of stones and such? I’m working on something that involves the use of a star sapphire. They cost a fortune for a genuine one. So I was just going to go with a blue glass star which technically is a star and sapphire colored but I found these lab created sapphires that were fairly inexpensive, 25 bucks each. Not as cool as the real thing but they do reflect a six pointed star internally. What do you think? I like them.


Here’s a link to a post that may help
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Post no 7, I talk about using rocks found in nature to replace crystals. The information is from this book

You may find it useful. :grin: The key for me, is , the right stone finds you.


Here we are at the crossroads of science and magick. If they are chemically identical to those made naturally they should contain the same properties.

If how they were made imparts a different imprint, then perhaps they would be slightly different. If how they are created, matters to your intent or matters to the spell…

Personally, I haven’t needed to use a lab grown gem, but I would if the spell doesn’t specify how the crystal was made.


@tracyS Thanks, I feel finding the right stones and other materials out and about in nature is definitely the best way to go. This is for crafting a tool, and felt like being a bit fancy with it for some reason, lol.

@Artemisia This is a project based on old writings from before the days of lab grown gems so it’s pretty vague. I feel like it’s largely the star symbolism in this case that’s important more so than the actual gem.


I think the same. But then, they could be close enough and still be good to work with.

I think there’s a lot more flexibility with materials than it initially seems. So if they don’t fit this or that exactly, that just means they have their own slightly different niche.


I think they are nice looking. I get a positive vibe off them. It’s all in the intention anyway right :crazy_face:


but do the lab created crystals have the centuries of wisdom the natural crystals have? :fire: :witch_cauldron: :fire:



@Shadeweaver that’s a big nope. But there is a certain pleasant vibe to them and a personality starting to come through for sure. They were “quiet” for days but not so much now. Maybe like young pups, just opening their eyes :eyes: We’ll grow together :smile:


U got a point.:point_up:

You mean the actual qualities and the age?

I like this analogy and they are nice I think they have lovely positive vibes and the energy will grow with use


Nope. But then again… Maybe?

It depends on whether the crystals are created and grow from that point onward. Or if they’re innately connected to all the energies of the earth. If they’re capable of acting like antennas basically, it wouldn’t matter how old they are – that would make them all equally valuable.

The idea comes to me from how we humans are. We are born as a new entity, but nevertheless, we do have all of our ancestors behind us. So what would the crystal equivalent look like? Perhaps something like what I’m guessing at. Perhaps there’s nothing to it at all. I don’t know, but it was fun to wonder about. :smile:


Perhaps just in different ways. They may be just as powerful in different uses,


I’d have to agree. They can be just as powerful in different ways. I mean maybe you could designate it to do what the actual version does. Possibly with enough intention. But it may not be the same as the stone. Idk lol



:point_up::100::point_up:Let your intuition and intention guide you.