Last Day Love

So, we made it to the last day of school! Whew! I’m sending this class on with much love and much hope, but I am so relieved they are not mine anymore! It has been a rough road for all of us!

With that being said, I was very ticked today because I got some gifts. Kids are so fun because they pick up on the most random things and then turn them around into such thoughtufl ideas.

In my classroom, we frequently listen to calming music. One of my favorite this year had chimes in it, so one of my kids brought me windchimes. Purple is my favorite color and my kids know that I love rocks - so one of my kids brought me this GORGEOUS Brazalian agate that I cannot stop looking at. I love things that smell good and I showed my kids a honeysuckle vine on our playground and so one of my kids brought me a honeysuckle candle (smells so good!) and another brought me a tiny table fountain because another soundtrack we listen to has trickling water and they wanted me to relax. Sometimes they can be so sweet! Excuse my sideways snapshot!

Here is a close up of my agate. :heart_eyes:

The thing I love most… all four elements are represented here! I’m not really sure what to make of that, but it made me smile!

Cheers to summer vacation (well… almost, I have a few more days!)


Aww that is so sweet and the children have put thought into your gifts.Kids really are amazing. I am a primary school teacher and am always showered with gifts(mostly wine haha)and cards at the end of the school year. It really makes me appreciate my job and lefts me know I’ve made a difference, even a small one.

Enjoy summer vacation. In Scotland we do not finish until June 30th. 5 weeks to go!

Blessed be



5 more weeks?? Goodness me! When does term begin in Scotland? Our students start back on August 1. Teachers usually return around the July 24.


How sweet! Kids really can pick up on such small things. Sounds like they did well! And that agate is beautiful :heart_eyes:


We finish on June 30th and return on August 14th. Children return on August 16th.


I know! I was absolutely in shock when I pulled it out of the bag!


Awww, that’s so sweet, all of it! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Love the sensitivity to detail that leads to thoughtful gifts :smiling_face: :revolving_hearts:


Wow. They couldn’t have picked a more witchy gift if they tried! That’s so awesome!


That is awesome! I love :heart_eyes: all of it & that Agate is gorgeous :star_struck:

Amazing they got all of the elements too! Little synchronicities before break!

Our kids get out of school around June 28th (close to there depending on Snow days, but I only remember a late start) then they got back September 5th. However, the rest of the country that gets out in May has already started to show up for Memorial Day weekend here :rofl:


I know! I guess it’s just my vibe. I’ve never mentioned anything to them other than I love rocks. Good stuff!

The picture definitely doesn’t do it justice. I can’t seem to capture it in all it’s glory. It’s definitely my favorite agate that I’ve ever gotten!

That’s my favorite part… well, aside from their thoughtfulness!


It looks like your kids know you very well- those gifts are amazing! :blush: Congrats on the end of a challenging year. I know it had its up and its downs, but you made a big difference in those kids’ lives and I am sure they are very grateful!

Enjoy summer vacation, Ailey- you’ve earned it! :heart::hugs:


That’s so sweet! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love how kids can pick up on the seemingly smallest of things. Honestly, it’s a skill that most adults should start to re-develop :laughing: kids pay attention, even when we think they aren’t.

I’m glad you’re excited for Summer break!


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