Learning About Servitors

I’m currently learning about servitors. Not really a chaos witch, though always in chaos, lol. I just find it fascinating. I loved watching Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends and the idea of a servitor both enchants and intrigues me. My problem isn’t being able to imagine something, it’s being able to create tasks or purposes for a possible servitor. Why can’t there be a nice list somewhere?


I know, right?? :joy: The exact same trouble I’ve had with my spirit family.

So far, all I can decide on is protecting us and each other.


@devin6 Here’s a link I found that’s interesting

As a chaos witch, I don’t think I do this, but I do do parts of this, as in separate parts of my psych, use sigils to represent other parts, but I find it’s quite an orderly process, and as each day is different from the next, these separations/consciousnesses change as frequently as the weather, (which is alot here in England as you can have the whole world’s weather happen in one day :rofl:, makes it interesting :grin:). So I find I’ll create a sigil, or representations with a rune (bind rune) to store a group of entities or habits etc that I can refer back to later, only to find, as with the ever changing nature of chaos magic, the sigil no longer represents what it did and needs altering, because of this I’ve never got to the full servitor state :rofl:. Guess I’m too chaotic even for chaos. I blame Loki (still love him) :sparkling_heart:


@devin6 I was actually looking at servitors last night. Lol ironically. So yeah I ran into the same issue. What would its tasks be? Ah lol :laughing: so then I stopped looking at it because I couldn’t come up with anything. I love the idea of a servitor. Need all the help I can get sometimes. Lol


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This might help or might not, but goblin.Tools is a life saver for me when it comes to breaking a big project down into smaller pieces.

Using the Magic ToDo, the more the chili peppers, the finer detail it breaks it into. Honestly everything this site does is amazing :star_struck:

I tried out “Create a servitor to help me loose weight” then clicked the magic wand just to see how it handled this task. Here’s a section of the results expanded


Ohhhhh my Gods, @Artemisia – I never considered using Goblin Tools to help with things like this!! That’s an amazing idea!!

I’ve never created a servitor, but I trust the words and work of Ivy the Occultist on YouTube. She has a very long and detailed video going over how to create and maintain a servitor. It might help you!


Problem is I don’t want to program it for one thing. I’d like three different actions for the Servitor. I have to read more about it. I had found something good to read about it. When I have a few minutes. I’ll look it up, and see if I can find it again.so, I can share it here with everyone.

I didn’t watch that video yet @MeganB . Ill look in a bit. :sparkling_heart:


I’m sure you could probably program a servitor to do multiple things!


I created three servitor a and tasked them with several things related to the same topic. I believe they are doing well. Imagining them was easy as I love to write stories and I put everything down in a notebook. What I’m struggling with, and with the craft in general, is going overboard with things. I think of my servitor almost like well loved pets. I find my psychological image gets deeply enmeshed in the manifestations I do. When I don’t see instant progress or none at all, it affects my self esteem. How has anyone else handled this? Maybe next weeks challenge can be the craft and mental health/psychology. Does anyone else seem to feel that they invest too much of themselves in their work?


You might be interested @devin6 in this post at Patheos Embracing Pagan Simplicity It touches on this and the effects of simplicity on mental well-being. It’s a quick read with some interesting points.


This is something that I think a lot of witches deal with occasionally. Even “regular” people deal with this because it’s a form of instant gratification. We want things when we want them and we don’t want to wait. I found a great quote that explains what I mean and why I think this is an issue for a lot of people no matter their religious beliefs.

The idea of instant gratification consumes our culture. The main reason for this is relatively easy to identify–rapid technological advancement. Contemporary technologies enable a culture where the emergence of a desire and the ability to fulfill that desire exist almost simultaneously. Furthermore, this is the case with many, if not most, of our desires. As such, when we experience a physical or emotional desire, there is something immediately accessible that can, should we choose, satisfy that desire. Or, at least, there is something immediately accessible that we take as being able to satisfy that desire.


While the post itself is written from a Christian Evangelical perspective, the reasoning stays the same. One way that I’ve fought against this instant gratification in my spellwork (and life in general, though it’s not always easy) is the practice of mindfulness. This includes meditation and being mindful of what I’m doing on a regular basis. When I want something, I try to think through what it is, why I want it, and the methods I’m thinking about using to get what I want. This can help avoid overspending, regretful decisions, and similar things.

In witchcraft, this might look like casting your spell but then being mindful of how it manifests. If I cast a spell to help me lose weight but I don’t do my part, the spell is going to have a difficult time working because there are other obstacles in the way that I haven’t consciously removed to help the spell work. If I cast a spell to help me lose weight and wake up angry that it didn’t work, then that’s me not having realistic expectations of my magic. It took years to get to the point I am now - I’m not going to magically lose 50lbs overnight, ya know?

I find that a lot of this boils down to mindfulness and managing our expectations. Magic isn’t a quick fix and it can’t make everything better, but when we are aware of what it can do and how we can use it, then it can help enrich our lives.

You might benefit from stepping back from spellwork for a bit and just observing your life as it is right now. You might be surprised at what you find!

This is a great post by Avallach! For some reason I totally spaced on him writing at Patheos. I read his book this year (Book Review: The Path of the Sacred Hermit – 'Round the Cauldron) and it was revelatory for me in certain ways. I highly recommend his writing!


I’m working on controlling my expectations. Recognizing that I’m doing this, basing my emotions and self worth on external factors, is huge for me. In a way, that in itself is empowering because i am able to fix it. Small steps but everyone here has been so supportive and it’s made a huge difference.


That’s so close to something I’ve written, I almost thought you’d accidentally stumbled upon our blog. :joy:


This is often the hardest part, in my experience. I want to reassure you that you’re not alone in that, either. This is something that so many people struggle with, but recognizing it is half the battle. You’re doing what you can to see that some things take time, even though it may be difficult. I also struggle with the need for external validation. If something goes wrong, I often find it hard to not put the blame on myself, even if I had nothing to do with it! It’s a difficult thing to wrestle with, but through time and practice, it does get easier. You’ve got the support of all of us here, too, and I’m happy to hear that you’ve found everyone supportive! It sounds cliche to say, but things do get better. :hugs:

haha well it does sound like something you would write, too!