Learning my divination systems

So i have been really gettung into my learning my divination systems and learning kipper and lemormand as well as continue tarot, ogham and runes.

Anyone whose looking for good guides to kipper ( esp as not much out there on this one in english ) and lenormand. Cardgeek or Toni Puhle/Savory ( hope spelt right). Not sure if one maiden name one marrued but seen name with vith on videos and ive found her content awesome. Free videos on youtube and ive just signed up for sone if courses on udemy. Sge us founder of world divination assiciation and they also have more on theur site if looking for more courses or accreditation in a system. Like i think endorsed reader sort of thing.

Hope its cool to share this here. Spells 8 got great resources on tarot which has been my starting point there but as id also been looking at other systems too and maybe others might like or interested to know other systens and how can learn more just thoufht id share. Im reacjing for my lenormand and kipper cards alot lately cause so excited to learn espevialky how to better read a grand tableu in both systems. If you look up card geek. She is great and id even love to try get hold of her rainbow kipper deck or her book. Yoi kniw me and my rainbows. She even explains the history and different decks and directional readungs etc between decks. Origibal decks hadca change at one point whivh was images transposed and she gives good insights into original meanings and very energetic and passionate abour her stuff. I was gettung a bit confused at first with some lenormand stuff because the techniques being shiwn didnt include basic reafing or underatanding but almost started with rhe advanced techniques. But card geek or Toni, she goes from basic to advanced techniques and ive found her content really helpful in understanding these two new systems im learning.

Just thought id share this and i hope its ok to share. I dont want to take away from content or lesons on here as they have been a great resource. The tarot course on here is where i started. But as lenormand and kipper are not on this platform ( though i am happy to share my learnings and stuff if ppl want yo knkw more, ive just discocered systems recenlty and i knkw this community has lots of ppl wuth different backgrounds interests etc and kts a great place ti share info) i just wanted to share my discoveriesincase anyone interested in the system lr looking at learning more. So i hope thats ok to share that herre. :bouquet::sunflower::blossom::cherry_blossom::rose:


@Phoenix_Fire it is absolutely, perfectly fine, & encouraged to share things that you may be interested in or learning about with us!

I would love :heart: to know more about the Lenormand divination practice. I’ve seen some decks that I’ve liked, but I don’t know much about it at all. I only recently learned or heard about it here when you have brought it up in the past!

I look forward to anything you you would like to share about this type of divination! :star_struck:


Omg yeah happy to hey. Im actually participating in reading buddy practice, my second week but im going to try practice read for lenormand this week. You get paired with someonr in group whose also learning and you do practice reads for the week ahead.
Im happy to share what i learn as i go espevually if ppl interested. :grin:. Ive got the app under the roses lenormand that i like using alot. Maybe i can use thar to share some of what ive been learning​:grin:


I want to get the physical deck but i thought id quickly show the app i use and some screenshots of types of spreads. I do have a free download that was able to print and make a tempory deck so can physically shuffle and lay then i enter it in as a external spread if want to use the cards from the deck on app. Helps to keep directional reading etc consistant say if some imagery on decks is different to one i use. I think Kipper is more directional that lenormand but still has some directionality in reads especially with significators ( man or woman for person being read for or doung reading if reading for yourself)


Man and woman significator cards has two options for each but the deck itself is 36 cards. Another option to use is a normal playing deck and just translating the cards to what they are in deck as the deck or cards have the playing card indicator om there. Im told that will be imporyant down the line of my learning to use the sysyem so having cards to use that show this like 6 of diomands or king of spades etc will add ectra meaning. But ive not got that far in learning yet lol. But i like using the app for the visual cues. Ive screen shotted the cards so can see what a deck includes and what this one looks like.

The cards above are listed in order of how the houses in a grand tableau would be layed out. From 1. Rider to 36. Cross.
The cards that fall in each house also add to the read as well as where they fall, where the significator falls and even in reads where relationship of some sort can look at where the two significators fall conpared to each other and whats going on between them and how connectef etc. But im single so i havent focused too much on that side yet. Lol
But there are different spreads and ways to read the cards. Its exciting to learn a new system. Scary too cause sometimes worry read it wrong but i am learning and becoming more confident in it.


Oh child also has choice of card to use as well. Just saw that


I’m with Siofra- you’re always welcome to share about your studies and what you’ve been finding, it’s sure to help someone else who is interested in the same thing! :handshake: :blush: Thanks for passing along the wisdom, @Phoenix_Fire- it’s a blessing! :heart:

What a fun deck- I’m loving the artwork! And that is so convenient to have the app on your phone, you can draw a card and do a reading even when you’re out and about. That’s really valuable for a witch on the road! :grinning: :+1:

Thanks again for sharing, Pheonix- and good luck with your continued studies! With every update you share, I’m always impressed with how far you have come on your learning journey. You’re truly advancing in your divination studies! :clap::flower_playing_cards:

Blessed be!


I am totally in agreement with this! :raised_hands: The artwork is amazing! Now I’m really intrigued! I actually thought that maybe my Old Cartomancy deck may have said Lenormand but I was wrong… they are Traditional Italian Fortune Cards for Old Cartomancy… I was hoping though!

I think I am going to check out the app & see how I do, where I am currently taking tarot classes, I don’t think that I could learn this at the same time without getting somewhat confused. But I would love to have the app to use when I can to kind of see what I can learn about it that way!

Thank you so much for sharing! :revolving_hearts: @Phoenix_Fire