Learning to Scry in a Crystal Ball

Hey everyone! I am trying to scry in a crystal ball. Has anyone done this before? I was wondering if I should take off my glasses or not?

It’s also very difficult for me to keep a soft gaze for long. I figure this will take time and practice, just wanted any advice y’all could give me.

Thanks, everyone!


Following this as I’m interested in crystal ball scrying as well.


There’s lots here

Hope it helps.


As for keeping a soft gaze. I removed my glasses and just relax my focus, the more relaxed you are, you can blink as normal, and you’ll still have a soft gaze, just look at the ball or mirror slightly off from the target spot. Like if it’s the centre of the ball, look slightly to the left or right of the centre. You may see multiple balls, a blur, shapes but gradually your intuition will kick in and it’ll make sense. I find a low light, evening and candles help soften the atmosphere and make it easier. :heartpulse:


To soften your eyes try staring at a wall first and look in your preferal vision and the wall at the same time…
Or take yout hands to your sides bring your hands up so they are barely in your peripheral vision look at want is in front of you and your hqnds at same time… this is how to learn to soften your eyes… it is called owl eyes. My ancestortral medicine teacher taught me it


I’m getting to where I’m collecting all different types of little crystal balls. It’s silly but fun!

OOh, thank you! It was that challenge that got me started down this rabbit hole. LOL!

Thank you so much for this. I think that’ll work.

Thanks for the video! I’ve never heard it be called owl eyes before! That’s great!


:rofl::rofl:. I almost started collecting little mini crystal balls but don’t know where I would put them!


I’m not sure where I’m gonna put all mine but I’m still going for it! LOL!