Let Me Go...A Cord Cutting

This spell is considered to be sympathetic magick. The core concept of sympathetic magick is that actions performed towards something that represents a person can have a magickal effect on them.

A cord cutting if your partner can not let go…


I haven’t done spells like this because it affects someone’s free will if it works, right? Not sure about how I feel about the ethics of this - thoughts? :scream_cat:


This is to cut cords of someone you are no longer with. There is nothing done in the spell that causes them harm. It helps them to move on from the broken relationship…so you both can move on.


Even if they don’t wana lol :slight_smile:

I do freezer spells instead, but they aren’t always effective…… maybe I need to give this a shot. :thinking:. Thanks @SilverBear :woman_white_haired::teddy_bear:


Staying in a relationship that doesn’t work is not healthy.

Freezing someone’s actions is still doing magick, that on some level, takes their free will away.

Do you ask permission to put someone in the freezer? :grinning: lol. I would say, probably not.

I’ve used many cord curting rituals over the years…even used it to cut cords on negative thinking. Severing ties with people who are toxic is for your own peace. :upside_down_face:


I don’t see cord cuttings as harming someone’s free will. If you are energetically tied to someone, as can be the case in some relationships, and you no longer want that energetic connection, then I feel you have every right to remove that connection. It affects you, your body, heart, mind, and energy. If anything, leaving energy tied to you that you don’t want anymore simply because the other person hasn’t given you permission to remove them sounds kinda backwards to me :laughing: that would be like me asking someone permission to remove their hand from around my wrist, if that makes sense.


Exactly what i was trying to say, but I was typing on my phone without glasses on so I tried to keep it short. LOL


I’m glad the way I said it made sense lol


It did in my head…LOL


I would say No! In my experience, I have found that the cords often reconnect. The first time I did a cord-cutting ritual, it felt really strange like something was missing. Of course, I cut every connection even those that I wanted to keep with my children, family, friends, etc.

So now, I’m more specific with my intention! I now believe that a Cord-Cutting spell should be performed with a second Healing spell to fill the empty space with healing energy and to seal the connection point. Sealing wounds, surgery incisions, etc. was something I learned in Healing Touch.

I hope this gives you something to think about.

With much love :heart: always