Let's talk about vibrations and frequencies in our Crafting

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I’m late to this discussion, but it is fascinating and downright revelational. This opens up a whole new area of my practice and I am excited about it! Thank you for sharing this with us, and I would love to hear more - whatever you think we should know - about energy work.


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Thank you! I thought I was almost done, then I discovered Human Design as a specific “blueprint” of the circuitry in a person …I’ll be writing on that this week. It’s amazing!


So who here is working with Human Design? For those who are not, it’s a system that uses astrology, a rearrangement of chakras, the I Ching and Kabbalah to determine and express the electrical circuitry of an individual…Blowing my mind it is!!!

So who else is into it and who else wants to know more?

I’m addicted to it already… :laughing: :laughing:


I just realized I forgot to show how the chakras move through the body. They are not just radiating from the front, they also radiated through the back/spine, as in this illustration.
front and back chakras

It makes sense then that the spinal nerves get involved when working with body energy.

The chakras also emanate from our hands as in this illustration.

The chakras also number more than the well-known seven base physical chakras. There are 114 chakras in the human body, not all in the physical plane. There are also 72000 nadis. If chakras are the energy centers, then nadis are the power lines running out of them. Some of them match up to the meridians of acupuncture, some do not. For more on this, click here

Here is an illustration including just a few of the non-physical chakras.

So sorry I missed including this earlier.

Just remember that we all broadcast a unique transmission via the specific configuration of each of our chakra systems. So when you’re preparing to cast or even during your ritual, know that you are not just directing your energy towards your altar.
It also emanates out your back toward your circle, filling the entire space with the vibration of the chakra energy you’re working with.

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One more thing…

In my Yoga Instructor Certification course, our teacher (a Buddhist monk in India) offered this mind-blowing concept.

We’ve almost all been taught when meditating, to breathe in love and breathe out our negativity…like to clear the system of it.

But the monk says differently, and I agree with him. He says that using this method is like taking only love from the universe and then dumping our energetic/emotional garbage into it. I’ve often hesitated to exhale my negative issues because I wondered how they wouldn’t pollute my environment. Turns out, it was a very intuitive thought.

So instead, he explains that our heart is actually capable of transmuting negative energy into love and we can use this idea every time we sit down to meditate.

Start by getting comfortable and taking a few deep diaphragmatic breaths.
Put both hands over your heart.
Feel its warmth emanate into your palms and reflect it back throughout your body.
When you feel ready, bring a triggering thought to your mind, then inhale the pain, frustration, anger, or whatever it is you are dealing with.
Send the emotions straight to your heart.
Hold it there for a moment, and feel its glowing warmth take on the negative emotions. Allow it to change them into pure love; love of self, and love of others involved…you really have to get past the issue and find the love in your core being for the world and everyone/everything in it.
Then exhale that pure love into your environment.
Repeat until the triggering thought no longer triggers the emotions it did before.

I advise starting with something small and then working your way up to larger and more triggering. You can also do this in regard to any world events that are triggering.

Since I started doing this instead of the other way during my meditations, EVERYTHING has started changing and I feel more open and my energy seems to flow more easily with fewer blockages.

I think I’ve remembered all that I forgot to mention now…I hope. :laughing:


I really love the idea that we hold the ability within us to cleanse our own negative energies/thoughts and turn them positive :star_struck:

I feel like the method of breathing in positivity and breathing out negativity is a way to connect as one part in the cycle of nature (like trees and plants take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen), but this theory of self-contained cleansing brings the whole cycle and the power of it within us. For if the Universe is within us, then so too are all of its cycles to be found within us :milky_way: :heart:

You always share such inspirational and thought-provoking wisdom- thank you so much for these gifts, @August_Wandering! :people_hugging: :two_hearts:


@August_Wandering I have a question, and I am sorry if I missed this above.

As a male, my voice is capable of deeper pitches than a woman’s, and theirs are capable of higher ones than mine. As a guitar player, I know that differences in pitch are differences in frequency.

How does that affect Aum? Does modulating the pitch of your voice, produce different results? Or are your chakras “tuned” to your voice?


:100: YES! I have incorporated frequency into my meditpp0 WW


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That’s a really good question. I’ve never heard anyone modulate the pitch of their voice for Aum. The purpose behind Aum is to vibrate your entire chakra system from the bottom up. So I’m going to take a guess and say yes, that each person’s chakras are “tuned” to their voice.

But I’d still be really interested if you find out whether they really are or not!
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