Life is too short for imposter syndrome

I launched an Etsy shop earlier this year with the intention of using it as a stepping stone while I worked on my own website that I was going to run with a friend. :black_moon_lilith:

The idea was to offer a variety of handmade, witchy products, ranging from intent candles and bath salt soaks to spell jars and other magickal trinkets. :sparkles:

However, life threw some unexpected challenges my way, and imposter syndrome began to cloud my confidence. I also found it difficult to put a price tag on items that I poured my heart and soul into creating. I’m sure many of you can relate to this dilemma. :sweat_smile:

Additionally, the thought of managing the paperwork associated with sales, including tax obligations, and factoring in the costs involved in running the shop, from ingredient purchases to fees charged by Etsy and PayPal, left me uncertain about whether I could sustain it. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

In the end, I made the decision to take the store down just a few days after listing it, even though I had invested $10 in listing fees. :pensive:

Fast forward to today. Imposter syndrome still lingers, and due to an upcoming move, I’m not yet able to produce all the physical goods I had originally planned. However, I’ve taken a different approach in the meantime. I’ve launched the eBook and started offering tarot readings through my Etsy shop: :shopping:

This is very much a work in progress, and I plan to gradually expand my offerings over time. But life is too short to let imposter syndrome hold me back, and the truth is, I may never truly “feel ready.” So, I’ve decided to push past those negative feelings and dive in. Let’s do this! :black_heart:

I also have a coupon code, “INFINITEROOTS,” which grants a 60% discount on any item. Feel free to use it if I happen to list something that catches your interest. It’s my way of expressing gratitude for the incredible support I’ve received from all of you. :pray: :silver_heart:

(Oh my stars. I’m so nervous… :sweat_smile:)


Once I have the opportunity to introduce physical products, I believe deity-themed bath salt soaks would be a nice starting point. :black_heart:

These bath salt soaks have been a personal journey for me, originally crafted to facilitate a deeper connection with my deities and spirits. The blend of their favourite floral elements, oils, and scents in these bath salt soaks, coupled with the presence of candles, the soothing embrace of water, and the serene darkness, played a significant role in fostering my spiritual connection during those formative stages.

Below, you’ll find some photographs of the bath salt soaks I’ve created, which were intended for sale. They were mixes for Hekate, Lilith, and The Morrigan.


That’s fabulous. Well done you. Be proud of your achievements. I know all the Divine entities behind you are throwing a huge party for you right now. :dancer::clap::partying_face::sparkling_heart:


Not that I wanted to add to your plate (as you need multiple platters) I visited your Etsy shop and threw some funds your way. I understand Etsy takes a rather big chunk so I did not use the discount hoping you would be better compensated for all the work you do. :sparkling_heart:

I am always amazed at all you do. :pray: :heart_on_fire:

:flamingo: :goat: :flamingo:


Thank you, @tracyS! :black_heart:

Multiple platters? :eyes: Do I hear the beginnings of an all-you-can-eat banquet? :heart_eyes:

Thank you so much! And for your consideration. :black_heart: I was going to celebrate my first sale, but I wasn’t sure if you were okay with me calling that out.

By the way, I completed it a while ago. :smile: Check your email – there should hopefully be something there! If not, let me know. We’ll figure it out. :slightly_smiling_face:


You will succeed.

A friend of mine opened a physical shop that I thought (to myself) wouldn’t last 3 months. Now he has 3 shops and a flourishing business. It was his intent to succeed that drove him forward. Many things weren’t “ready”; but those things worked themselves out as his intent brought solutions at the right time. I wish you blessings as you move forward.


Thank you Katerina. It may take me a while to digest and understand, but the readings were great. And celebrate all you want. :sparkling_heart: :heart_on_fire:

And your site is beautiful. You are more than capable of making it a success. :flamingo:

:flamingo: :goat: :flamingo:


Oh, how I wish I had some disposable income this month, I’d definitely throw some your way. Your store is awesome! Congratulations!


Good point. I need to keep the right mindset.

I shall treat it like a spell. Not obsess over results, but move forward confidently in my actions and pour my heart into it. :black_heart:

Thank you! :black_heart: It was a delight to read for you.

:sparkles: I got my first sale within the first 24 hours of opening, and it’s all thanks to @Shadeweaver’s generous support! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :partying_face: :black_heart:

I saw the notification pop up on my phone and immediately ran to my partner to tell them. Then, because our friends were over, they told me to announce it to them as well. :joy: We celebrated. Tea was drunk. Hugs were given.

I totally understand, especially given my tight budget recently, and I appreciate the sentiment. :black_heart: It warms my heart just to hear everyone’s congratulations. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m so happy for you, and wishing you a lovely and fulfilling journey of growth together with your business :blush: :black_heart:


You’re right, life is definitely too short for imposter syndrome! :clap: You have done amazing work and your writing is impeccable. I’m envious of your ability to string words together with ease and beauty. I hope your negative feelings disappear because you deserve to feel all those positive things! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Way to go on the Etsy shop! The importance of putting your work out into the world cannot be overstated. I wish you success and joy on your journey!! :heart: :sparkles:


@starborn I think your shop is splendid! What a great start. I’m super happy with my reading; it’s very professionally done and a storehouse of info. It will be interesting to see where you take it (or it takes you).


Thank you everyone for your support! :black_heart: To already have 12 sales… I have no coherent words right now. Just know how grateful I am to everyone here.

And my partner. I can’t believe how happy they are for me and supportive, especially given all they’ve been through. :face_holding_back_tears:

They’ve been studying everything magickal these past few weeks to understand, without me even asking them to. Right now they’re watching a video called “Who is Lilith” and every so often, pausing to say to me, “Guess what, Katya? I knew what they were going to say before they said it! They mentioned a …, and I knew it was going to be …!” to show how much they’re learning. They’re adorable. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then, when I started selling readings on Sunday, they did everything they could to help out—running around cleaning the table for photos, fetching me teas to keep me going, eagerly looking for ideas to dress up the areas for photos, and spellchecking my reports. I didn’t ask them to do any of that, but they did, and I’m so grateful.

We’re going to celebrate by going to my favourite restaurant sometime soon. We haven’t been there in years, since it’s a trip to the city and $20 pp is a luxury. I’m exhausted but excited. :black_heart:


You are attracting these energies because your energies have changed. For the better. I don’t want to say you “deserve” this because you have worked your whole life for it. :sparkling_heart: May you achieve all the goals you work for nd may joy enter in all you do. :heart_on_fire:



This is fabulous, you are being blessed my dear, by higher powers. Embrace it, there’s more to come :partying_face::sparkling_heart:


Wow, that’s so great for both of you! Congratulations!


Thank you everyone for your well wishes and support. :black_heart:

Not even a month in, and I’ve somehow made Star Seller status. :partying_face:

I’m not quite sure what that practically means yet (besides a badge thingy), but it sounds good?! :joy:

I was nervous since I’d heard things not just about the Etsy platform, but about how there can be difficulties with customers. But everyone I’ve worked with has been lovely. Almost half even left reviews! And the reviews are amazing. :star_struck:


Congratulations! :clap: That’s such a wonderful accomplishment!


Hail Lucifer :sparkling_heart:. You’re amazing. So proud of you. :sparkling_heart::partying_face::sparkling_heart: