Light Pollution

How many of you can say that you still are able to look up to the skies at night and actually see the milky way?

Light pollution has become such a huge problem as of late and a lot of it is actually caused by our new energy saving LED globes which emit a lot of blue spectrum lighting. Save on pollution, lose out on another.

Here’s a picture of what I remember seeing when living in the country:

Source: Wallpaper Safari

Here’s what most people see today:

Source: Photography Blog

Here’s a map of light pollution:



I can’t remember seeing a clear sky when I lived in Warsaw- although I’m not sure if it was light pollution or the huge issue with smog there (or both) :worried:

Now that I’m by the coast I can see some amazing clear skies (when it’s not wild New England storms haha :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain:) and it really makes me appreciate being able to see it :milky_way:

You’re right, @Temujin_Calidius- these things really are a problem. Light pollution, smog, and wild unpredictable weather all push just how important it is to be mindful of the needs of the planet and do what we can to protect our beautiful home :earth_africa: :two_hearts: If we don’t protect the beauty of nature, future generations may not get to experience these wonders at all.


I get a lot of light pollution where I am in Florida. We didn’t have as much when we went to one of the national forests for a camping trip but it was still there. I get more light pollution at home because of where my house is located lol I just live vicariously through pretty pictures online for now :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m somewhere between rural & excellent. I can go to a couple of beaches where there aren’t many homes or businesses & are pretty much closed for the season, but from my house, it looks more like the rural sky.

Thank you for sharing the pictures & information. I remember the excellent night sky when my mother & stepfather had a log cabin built across from a mountain on what I guess would be a hill comparitively. Their nearest neighbor was 1/4 mile away from them, not including the drive up the side to get to their house. I used to love going out to the front porch & looking at the sky.


I was in Oregon this summer and was able to lay on the beach at dark, there wasnt a lot of light pollution, it was the first time I think I had ever seen the sky so clear.


Holy Cow @Temujin_Calidius could you really see that clearly? That is absolutely a gift. Thank you for the memory of my father today. He always used to comment on “light pollution” I thought he coined the term when I was a kid. Thanks for the smile, someday I will see a clear black sky I just know it! Blessed Be Friend


I spent a lot of time in the country as a child and for a long time it was the only time I was allowed outside at night. When I got a bit older and my parents started letting stay out later I was hugely disappointed in the night sky where I lived and I still am. I can usually see Orion, the big dipper, and Cassiopeia, as well as a hand full of other stars but not much more than that. I haven’t been able to see the milky way in years… :sob:


Where I live, on a clear night I see many stars but not the Milky Way. It must be a blessing to see that sky in your country!


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