Lion spirit guide after my self dedication (Wicca)

Merry meet. I discovered that I have a lion spirit guide today after my self dedication (Wicca) yesterday. Please I need guide on how to invoke or reconnect with the spirit


How exciting!! It’s also Leo season! How fitting!

I think the best way to get connected to the lion spirit, is to connect with correspondences. For example, learning about the lions character traits, Using the strength tarot card as an energy guide, learn about Leo’s and Leo season, The full moon in Leo, new moon in Leo, any mythology connected to lions, are their gods or goddesses affiliated with Lions (Sekhmet).

I thinks it’s more than just invoking that spirit, it’s about seeing how this animal spirit plays in your life And how you can use that energy during certain times in your life.
Sometimes is their character traits that we need in order to pursue goals or achieve something, or even defeat/overcome a problem.

I hope this helps!! Good luck!!


Hi Michael,

It is possible that you connected with your deity for a moment. Lions have importance in the Egyptian pantheon, where Sekhmet

Some Egyptian pharaohs (Ramses II and Ramses III) kept semi-domesticated lions as part of their court. The lion was the embodiment of the sun god Ra.

If you remember how the lion you say looks, try drawing it on a piece of paper. Then look up some images of Sekhmet (the lioness-headed war goddess of Memphis, daughter of Ra, who breathed fire on the pharaoh’s enemies) and see if they look similar.


Merry meet @michael9!

Congrats on your self dedication and on your meeting with the lion- that’s very exciting! :lion:

Amber and Francisco have shared some great advice- I agree that it is also worth doing some research to learn more about this special presence. The lion could indeed be a spirit guide, or perhaps a guardian angel/spirit, a Power Animal, or a deity.

To connect with the lion again, you could try the following:

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Wishing you all the best, Michael! May your lion watch over you :pray::lion:


That’s a wonderful idea!!!