Lion's Gate on 8/8

I have been reading about the Lion’s Gate portal, which occurs on the eighth of August. The lion’s gate refers to an ancient Egyptian custom. The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza are placed so that when Sirius (a bright star cluster) and the constellation Orion align with the Earth and the Sun, as they do annually, they appear in relation to these edifices. And this placement was deliberate. This time was significant to the ancient Eqyptians because it was before the Nile flooded each year. The floods were important because it was what enabled the Egyptians to grow grain and other crops in the midst of the desert – the flooding Nile broughtnutrients to the soil. So, we think of Lion’s gate because it happens in the sign of Leo. But it is also a “lion” because the Sphinx of course, is a lion with a human head. Interesting, right? Some people believe on this day there is a kind of portal that people can access to tap into cosmic energy in a way that elevates and empowers them, particularly during Leo season, which is a about personal power. Some ways people try to tap into this energy is with chakra work, meditation and manifestation work. 8/8 reminds people of the infinity symbol. When you think about it, the Nile flooding (which was associated with Isis, as was the Sirius formation) really manifested crops and riches for ancient Egyptian, and, well, growth. So, that might be a good focus tomorrow! By the way, I always thought the Dog Days of August was about dogs who were really hot and just lying around to cool off but no, the Dog Days of August refers to Sirius, the Dog star. Hee hee hee :slight_smile: Are you going to perform any works tomorrow?


Personally I’ve heard the Dog Days of Summer. I thought the same though, as I have had at least 1 dog with me since I was around 7 years old.

I am definitely going to look at that Star :star2: though when I’m looking at some other astrology information!

I’m not planning on doing anything tonight, aside from learning about Leif Erickson, Iceland, Greenland, & a possible landing of Vikings off of Martha’s Vineyard.

In the AM I will be working on astrology things though. The star & Lionsgate :lion: (which is also a movie company! :clapper: :star_struck: )

A blurb about the show

There is a stone with runic letters carved that say Leif Erickson & the year of arrival… in the 1920’s there is a picture of it on the shore but now its completely submerged.

My son loves Vikings, Viking/Norse culture & Norse mythology… so we watched a 3 or 4 episode series on it tonight: Expedition Unknown with Josh Gates :smiling_face:


That’s an awesome correspondence- and same with the “Dog Days of Summer”! :dog: :star_struck:

Yesterday went by in a whirlwind and I didn’t do any spellwork, but I did cover a lot of ground in some projects and things I’m working on, so perhaps enhanced manifestation appeared in that sense! :blush:

Thanks for your wisdom @mary25- I hope you (and everyone!) had a very blessed Lion’s Gate Day! :leo:


I did set up my altar and worked an entire ritual for the Lion’s Gate, which is not something I typically do, but I seemed to have everything I need and had a lot on my mind. I felt really good going through it, and of course smelled amazing after from the offerings burned.

It did make me miss having a cat in my life though, boy I tell you.


Congrats on the spellwork- it sounds like it went well! :blush:

And who knows- perhaps all that powerful manifestation energy will manifest a cat in your life again, in some way or form. If you wish it, then so mote it be! :heart::smiley_cat:


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