Little Signs Are Everywhere

Greetings to all - so February 17th is the day of my self initiation ceremony and as I was getting things ready tonight I was nervous, excited, and honestly a bit scared as well. Am I doing things the right way? Am I ready for this big change? Will things go as planned? All these little thoughts creep in and then I go to pick up some books I had sitting next to my bed and this little sticker falls to the floor and when I read it I begin to smile and realize everything is going to be fine…just thought I would share that. Blessed be.


Congrats on your Self-Initiation Ceremony today, @Saulamay- wishing you all the best during this exciting time! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

It looks like you got the perfect reminder- just be yourself! A lovely sticker and dose of encouragement :grin:

It may help to ease your nerves to remember that you are already a fantastic witch- this ceremony is simply an acknowledgement of your work so far and a formal way to celebrate the wonderful you! :sparkling_heart: I hope you can enjoy it :blush:

Blessed be :sparkles:


It looks like the Gods are sending you the message you need to hear :speech_balloon:

I look forward to hearing about your experience if you share it when you’re done!


Congratulations on the self-initiation stage @Saulamay! Sometimes the Universe is direct when showing you the way. Good luck! :hugs:


Congratulations :clap::partying_face:!
Can’t wait to hear about your ceremony!
Blessed Be,


Thanks for sharing, Michael!! I think the Universe was smiling on the fact that you started walking this path.

Let us know how your ceremony went. Abundant Blessings to you!


Wishing you lots of love and encouragement, happy you made that big step :hugs: CONGRATS to you again and all the best.

L♥️ve & L🕯ght


Thank you everyone for the nice words. The ceremony went really well. There was a few hiccups but overall I would call it a success. The 24 hour fasting was probably the toughest part because I wasn’t watching the time so it was more like a 30 hour fast, but I made it through. :slightly_smiling_face: I shared the ceremony with my chosen Deities and Cleo, my cat. In the end I accomplished what I wanted to and today begins a brand new journey. When I did my Tarot reading yesterday the card drawn was The World (upright) so the day couldn’t have started any better. Now I will take the time to dive deeper into my studies, continuing to improve in my divinations and look into a new one as well.
Here is the picture of my ceremonial robe. It was difficult to dye because of the material (I should have read the label) but I think the color turned out nicely and I made the patches myself. The Deity lettering is made of wood that was dyed and painter as well.

And here is the altar set up specifically for this ritual.

At the end of the ceremony I sat in meditation as I looked back on the past year. And though there has been a lot of tragic event there has also been many moments of joy.

I appreciate all who have taken the time to read this post.
And to those that are interested I would like to introduce myself…

I am Saulamay, I am Wiccan, Blessed be.


I must agree with everyone else in this thread, the Universe was reaching out and that everything will be ok. There is much dedication to be seen and said to your ceremony! I love the Robe for its clean design and to the point. Your Altar placement gave me calm feelings. Thank you for sharing your experience and pictures.

Brightest of Blessings to you! @Saulamay


Beautiful robe and altar @Saulamay! You did a great job on that. I hope all your magical endeavors work as well for you!


Well, there ya go… couldn’t have said it better myself. CONGRATULATIONS!


Thank you everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh how marvellous and apt


Exactly! Congratulations! Little things like that this will fall on your lap, pretty much! I remember when I just started setting up my altar, i wanted to collect feathers. And bird feathers would literally be outside my patio door when I walked out the apt. Also, i would find them on my walks. It was the universe telling me, I’m on the right path.


Congratulations on the successful ritual and the dawning of your new name and life path, @Saulamay! :raised_hands: :sparkling_heart: I am in awe of your ceremonial robe- it came out lovely. And you have amazing talent to make the patches yourself! :rainbow_flag: :two_hearts:

Thank you for sharing your exciting ritual- wishing you all the best going forward!

Love and Light to you :heart: :candle:



:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face:

It sounds like you had a wonderful time and I’m so proud of you and thankful that you shared part of it with us!


Congratulations, everything looks beautiful!


So stunning :heart_eyes: