Llewellyn's almanacs - worth the purchase?

Hello all!

Another witchy question, this one on books!

I was scrolling through my Kindle store and it suggested a few of Llewellyn’s almanacs. Had anyone purchased any of these in previous years? Are they worth the buy? Is one better than the others? Opinions please! Don’t want to drop :dollar::dollar: on them if they aren’t worth it. I do already have a day planner that I love.


They have very interesting articles but they aren’t that memorable. Then again, I haven’t bought one recently. They may have changed.


@Amaris_Bane, Hi! I would only be interested myself in the Herbal Almanac, however looking at the book, it doesn’t look like it’s actually an almanac, like this one review that gave it 2 stars.
“As you can see from the video the book only has one page per month in the last 20 pages. Seems like an attempt to bring the almanac into this book at the end but it just falls short. The book is a wonderful cookbook and a wonderful herbal reference book but as far as an almanac I would take that off the title.”

What’s weird is that even though it shows up in the description that there are 2 reviews, there is only this one review. If I was looking at this one book, I would not buy it based on this information, not even the kindle version for 8.49, but if it was on Kindle Unlimited, I would def download it and peruse it to see if it had anything of value.

That’s my 2 cents worth!!


Honestly, I don’t bother with these sort of things. The Witch’s Companion books look like a bunch of essays written about paganism and witchcraft through a modern lens. I have Scribd and many of the older versions are on there. For example, the 2021 Witch’s Companion’s first article is written by an author named Susan Pesznecker and is titled Adventures in Behavioral Rhetoric: How Do We Deal with Fake News?

(Screenshot is from Scribd)

It’s written through the lens of disseminating proper information, not falling into the filter bubble, and assessing sources through the CRAAP test. The articles look great but it’s not necessarily something I’d purchase every year :woman_shrugging:


I had seen the Spell A Day almanac in 2020 then bought the book for 2021.

I honestly didn’t use the majority of spells & rituals. I either didn’t have the time or it wasn’t something I would do or it wasn’t something I had any knowledge of & didn’t want to do something I wasn’t fully vested in as far as my practice.

I personally wouldn’t by them, but as I said it just didn’t get along with me & my practice.


I have Llewellyn’s Almanac and I can say it’s absolutely worth it. I also have Llewellyn’s datebook, Spell a Day and a tarot deck. I love anything Llewellyn.


Thanks everyone for your input! While I think the articles would be great to read, as @MeganB pointed out, I can find them later online. I think I’ll pass and just stick to my FFP planner and my Moonly app.

Thank you again!


I love it. It has alot of interesting articles


I have all the astrological information in my Moonly app. I already have color correspondence for the days of the week so really the only thing missing is is the articles.


If you would like to save some $, the Llewellyn website has a spell a day feature (free) and you can also search for spells by search term or category, which is fun, if you want a certain kind of spell or ritual. For instance, I just searched for “lipstick” and discovered a bunch of makeup spells – didn’t know there were makeup spells! I refer to it often! Amy Cesari also makes a nice annual planner with almanac-like features you can color.


@mary25 thank you for sharing the link, I never thought to go to their actual website as I have only come across the books in stores or online books :star_struck:

I think using the website for the spell a day would work & then if doesn’t resonate, you can make it your own or search for a different more directed spell for your day! I’m excited to have a new bookmark! Thank you again! :heart:


Ooh, thanks for the link!!! This is perfect. I’ve correctly got 3 books I’m reading so I don’t really need to anymore reading. I already have things that would serve as the almanac part. And this solves the spell of the day missing piece!


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