Looking For A Place

I have been looking for a place to order Spiritual products. I have only one place in my town but there very expensive and I would like to find trust wither place online to purchase from,


What is your focus, @brianna8 ? Do you prefer books, incense, cards, crystals, herbs…? Each of these may have a separate store. Are you looking for high quality or low prices or somewhere easy to access nearby?

Has lots of variety at low prices, but may not be the best quality.

Your local dollar store is nearer, but you may not recognize what they have until you get some experience.

Good luck.


I shop Llewellyn for books, tarot decks, and some witchy stuff. They are a major publisher for many pagan, witchcraft, and tarot books.


I primarily shop on line and make sure to read reviews and look for price differences between websites


Hi @brianna8!

You’ve got some great recommendations already. Adding to the pile, I’ve ordered numerous herbal tinctures from Herb Pharm- everything I’ve got has been very high quality. I also like Mountain Rose Herbs for herbs and teas (although they are pricey, the quality is high).

That being said, if you’re looking for herbs, plants, and other herbal products, the best place to go is to a local herbalist or apothecary if you have one! They can not only connect you with great and fresh plants, they can also give you lots of advice about how to use your herbs too :herb: :sparkles: :blush:

There’s also the list of Coven Member Shops - lots of great places for various spiritual and witchy goods! The Recommendations category of the forum is another good place to browse around (you can use the search tool to find exactly what you are looking for) :mag:

Good luck and happy shopping! :shopping: :witch_hat:


Thank you everybody for the info.


You can also find witchy stuff at 2nd hand stores and yard sales. I buy most of my books on Ebay. I’ve bought some things from etsy, shamans harvest, azure green. Some websites will send you discount codes for your 1st order.


You’re welcome, Brianna- good luck! :sparkling_heart: