Looking for a Spell: Dealing with Negativity?

I will try but at the moment I am trying to make my little notes a little more positive instead of the hurtful words I hear on a daily basis… I have taken a turn where I write the hurtful words I hear as I tend to forgive and forget as soon as I sleep and awake the next day and although this is good I am finding being overly joyful has not done me too much good and I need time to reflect on the negative as well… Any suggestions for a spell perhaps?


Greetings @TheMuslimWitch :blush:

That’s a great question! I hope you don’t mind that I moved it into a new discussion, as I wanted to help it get the attention it deserves- I’m sure the coven can offer some great spell suggestions for you!

There’s a whole different discussion about the pros/cons about “faking it til you make it” when it comes to being happy. I won’t go into that as it sounds like trying to force yourself to be joyful isn’t helping you right now- so, like you mentioned, let’s look at spells to help you not just reflect on the negative but also move on from the negativity too.

When it comes to reflection, perhaps you might consider doing some Shadow Work? It is a difficult but extremely beneficial aspect of magick that helps the user to face and overcome their inner darkness :candle:

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This Spell to Banish Negativity also comes to mind- maybe this spell could help you!

Spell Ward to Banish Evil and Negative Energies

These are just a couple of suggestions- I’m sure the coven will have some more for you to consider!

Good luck with facing and overcoming the negativity in your life, @TheMuslimWitch- I’m cheering for you! Blessed be :sparkles:


Okay beautiful @TheMuslimWitch I’ve gone through my journals and my B.o.S and have really tried to remember the things that have been most helpful to me the last few months.and I’m going to start by seconding what @TheTravelWitch_Bry recommended. Shadow work was a huge help for me because it helped me see that while all of the terrible things I was being handed were not my fault it also shed light on the fact that possibly I did need to accept the fact that my reaction to the things that hurt me might’ve added fuel to the fire. Admitting I’m wrong is a really hard thing for me to do but it was key to overcoming the obstacles standing in my way. Shadow work is hard, it’s messy and will send you on a rollercoaster of emotional days. But I strongly recommend it so long as you make sure that once you acknowledge what needs to be acknowledged you release it somehow and stay mindful not to fall back on it. Some people like to write it on bay leaves and burn them or on a slip of paper and burn it. For me, I was content to just journal about it and put it away (I didn’t burn my journal entries because I find it helpful to go back and look at the older entries for solutions or as a reminder of how far I’ve come).
@MeganB shared some very interesting shadow work tarot spreads and a YouTube video from her channel with me earlier today in This post
I also did a lot of meditation whenever I felt like something was eating at my inner peace. My favorite meditation for facing negativity is The guided black candle meditation listed on spells8.
Aside from those options I have 2 different spells that you could use either as a prayer or incorporated into a ritual (added as a petition to a jar spell, candle magic, etc) and I’ll upload them below. I hope this is helpful and I will be praying for you!


I have been through the wringer over the past, year or so. Not to jump on the shadow work bandwagon, but it helped me immensely. The advice I would give about it though, be ready to take some time for you & also to take your time as you work through it. Make sure you have a journal or Book of Mirrors handy & write in it as much as you need to.

So as @phoenix_dawn said, guided meditations are good to process the information & get through some feelings. Guided Meditations with the candles or crystals always worked best for me.

As for spells, I am partial to the Protection from Draining Energies. It’s a pouch that you keep with you. I have made 1 for my daughter in the past to carry in her backpack. @SilverBear does a great job with these & I have found this 1 really helpful.


Thank you @travel witch… Sometimes as you said just forcing myself to be happy doesn’t work and why be fake when I can be genuine… I am 90% of the time a bubbly possibly annoying individual :sweat_smile: but since I do not have a social life, I turn here to talk to other lovely members for some insight, since why not get a second opinion or some suggestions… Thank you for the links I will check the, out and hope that this will help but to be honest with you I am also very tired as in sleepy as I have been over working my brain from playing out scenarios to giving myself a talk lol… After some much need sleep I will defiantly put my heart into the spell and I am sure if I am genuine in this aspect and give all my intentions the outcome will also be positive…


Thank you I appreciate your genuine concern and the lovely blessing and spell… I was really looking forward to doing a spell tonight as lately I have not done so since I have not been in the right mind frame, but as you said journaling may help and that is something I love doing, I have even ordered a special journal with the three fold symbol as it called to me… That along with a nice quill pen will make some great writing time… I only have one issue and that is when I have a pen in hand only the negative names I get called reply in my head and I end up writing these words and then actually seeing them makes me wonder why I am called these names, is it me is this what caring for one one is all about, am I insane or have I missed something important in the communication department, or perhaps my brain works different such as bipolar or ADHD? See as you see I can’t stop thinking and recently the only thing that clears my mind is meditation. Sorry if I have rambled on I tend to do this and am looking forward to trying some new spells after some much needed rest from cleaning my kids cluttered room and pretty much taking down all the furniture up and down stairs… thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s the same for me the guided meditations with the candles have completely cleared my mind well for the time I actually meditate as I tend to constantly think and it gives me headaches most days… I am not a worry wart but I do tend to think what if, if I did this, how come, I know my true self why can others see, etc… I think the shadow work will cheap and I know journaling will as I have done this in the past…
It’s a shame I couldn’t do it tonight there is a big beautiful full moon out and shies so beautiful I cannot stop looking at her… The only thing I have managed is to put some water out to make moon water and put my crystals out too…


You know what though, I haven’t participated in a Full Moon :full_moon: since June 2021. I was just, swamped with everything happening, all at once. You name it, chaos, negativity… it was all around me & no shortage of things happening for life events. I have also been in the negative space & trying to more or less "force happiness or joy. Which isn’t a good way to go about it. So doing just a couple of small things is what you need to do right now. Once things are going in the right direction & you are feeling better, you will feel more connected. I am finally participating tonight after about 3 months of a stalemate.

Once I was honest with myself about what was happening & what I was feeling & finding the truth to the situation with my truth, {I also had about 7 journals/Book of Mirrors from writing so much between shadow work & just getting things out.} things just started going where they needed to be so I could move forward. I do the same thing, my mind is constantly going. I have Olympic levels of anxiety that lead to panic! I am constantly thinking, my brain is constantly giving me situations & outcomes based on different actions or circumstances.

Journaling, meditation, & shadow work have all been a staple since my world :earth_americas: got flipped & turned upside down. Also, take time to maybe have an impromptu nap, go for a walk outside, a nice bath :bath: … as someone that is still struggling with regular self-care anything & taking time for myself, please don’t neglect this part of getting through what comes your way. You will overall feel much better if you are also taking care of yourself. :two_hearts:

If you ever want to chat, vent or anything feel free to send me a message! I am in & out of the forum all day long so I will always respond!


Thank you and like wise if you also every need to chat I also come on and off on a daily basis… We don’t need to do this alone so why not cheer each other on :blush:


You are definitely not alone & you will be the best version of yourself once you get to the otherside. :two_hearts:


:point_up_2: this! :100: I totally agree with @Siofra_Strega


Thank you @phoenix_dawn and @Siofra_Strega I really appreciate it :blush:


Sometimes the best act of self-care we can do for ourselves is getting some good sleep :sleeping_bed: :heart: I hope you were able to get some rest and can recover some of your energy, @TheMuslimWitch! Rest and be well- you are in my thoughts!

Blessed be! :sparkles: