Shadow Work Spell

Hello everyone,

So it is my very first time doing shadow work so I am happy for this challenge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: did a few reading that were given to us in assisting alone the way. I however will be following some guideline mentioned from @MaganB doing it the simplest way to understand is by using the Simple Method and Meditation

PLEASE NOTE: There was other shadows but dealt with a more recent situation. Did not wanted to dig far back in the pass at this time, since some issues where a bit somewhat settled.

Since I am not really active to shadow discovery, I decided to use a simple meditation and question/answer exercise that was useful for me.
Thought of a moment where I felt a seemingly irrational emotion that I turned into a statement. Mentioned below is my statement,

  • I felt deceived when one of my co worker criticized on of my work.

I now have my statement. I then simply break this statement down over a few more times until I got to the underlying cause of the issue and I did this by three (3) simple question, using why!

Why I felt deceived when my co worker criticized my work?

  • I am not perfect and mistakes do happen.

  • I do believe real friends or the older mature ones should want to see the best interests of the younger ones and encourage.

  • I don’t like to be criticized wrongfully when things aren’t done right.

Really tried to dig as deep as I could but only got these. After I came up with these three, I did a little grounding of medication, I did felt a bit better. I sat and think for a while what I could do to release the dark shadows that made me feel a bit emotional. I wanted a simple chant which I did but yet wanted to do a spell to seal the deal to a better recovery. Below is a spell I created and put together for this challenge.

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Simple Shadow Work Spell
You will need; 4 simple items

  • 1 Black candle/White candle ( tealights)
  • 1 Black pepper
  • 3 Cloves
  • Salt
  1. Cast a circle of protection with your salt around your tealight candle.

  2. To begin, Medicate on the things you need release of or banish away.

  3. As doing this place your cloves and some black pepper on or in your candle. If you may be using a regular candle, place the above items mentioned around your candle within your circle or salt.

  4. When you have medicated enough about the unwanted shadows you want to let go of, release them by saying the following;

Shadows be gone and no more
I kick the unwanted out the door,
I am now free, free indeed
This is my will, So more it be!

  1. As you finish, visualize your shadow work a success. Let your candle burn out completely.


  • The spell should be done on a wanning moon.
  • Feel free to use incense to set your mood.
  • Spell can be done anytime of day.
  • Keep a positive mind set when doing spell.
  • Items for the spell are properties perfect for the occasion, however feel free to add a crystal of your choice to the spell (Spokey Quartz, Amethyst) etc.

Created By; NA aka N🕯ckW🕯ck

I am happy to be apart of this challenge, I was a very good experience. Happy to share :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

L💫 ve L💓ve & L🕯ght the way


Lovely spell, @NickWick! I really like the mental image of kicking the unwanted out the door! LOL. Thanks for sharing!


Great work! Thank you for sharing the spell also. Great job. Take time for you! Relax & recharge


Hi Nick! I’m glad you found the simple meditation and question/answer exercise I shared useful. It looks like you’ve had a productive session!


I know right :slightly_smiling_face:, Happy you like it.


Ohhh yes indeed I did, happy you shared this. My first shadow work was not so bad after all. Came out better than I expected.Thanks again :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


So mote it be!


Congrats on your first Shadow Work and thanks so much for sharing this wonderful shadow spell, @NickWick! It sounds like you were able to dig into your worries and were able to unleash some of the negativity holding you back. Great job!

This is a great entry to the challenge- thank you very much for joining in and sharing your experience :black_heart: :blush:


Great work @NickWick and thank you for the spell also.
Enjoy a bit of Self Love time and recharge! :new_moon: