Looking for a spell

Hi, my loves.

I just discovered my sister, who is many many states away, is being hospitalized for her mental health state. She has severe anxiety and depression lately and has become suicidal.
This woman is infinitely beautiful - my heart and soul.
She is working to get the help that she needs, which I am so so thankful for.

I wondered if anyone had a recommendation for a spell I could do on her behalf for healing. Just… something to send her love and hope or something. I have so much fire inside my being for her. I gotta send it into the universe somehow.

Thank you in advance. I LOVE YOU, Infinite Roots Coven.


Im sure maybe in the Spells section of Spells8 there is something. I don’t know if this is an idea that you’re looking for but @Jeannie1 had posted this: Protection Poppet Also you might want to reach out to @christina4 she is a Crystal healer. I will light a candle for your sister and for you. Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.
Blessed Be :candle: :infinite_roots:


I am glad she is reaching out for help! It’s a tough place to be these days. May a healthy speedy recovery happen.


Hi Sara,
You can do a banishing spell as well it is called a Kurnips spell and tonight wouldn’t be a bad night to do it since it is a new moon. You will have blessed water and it turns like into holy water after you bless it!
We call on it during the dark moon to work on the shadow side and for new beginnings.
I really like invoking Hecate because she is the triple goddess of the crossroads.
All’s you need is
Thyme :herb:
Natural water
Or spring water :sweat_drops:
For the higher self
Middle self
It’s a banishing ritual to protect, release and bless.
You light the thyme and throw it in the bowl and release the garbage It’s that easy, and I can give you a picture of it too k. If you want? Or you can do the poppet.

It’s an easy spell and I really like it because I really feel the protection afterwards and I like to release the toxins and the blessing! My advice to you is to do it under the moon you will feel the energy from the moon and that’s where you can really get your power!


I just want to say, Sarah, that this is a beautiful thing to do for your sister. I’ve never been hospitalized due to mental illness, but I have battled depression and anxiety my whole life, deal with intrusive thoughts and a passive suicidal ideation on a regular basis. Anyway, I’m happy to hear that she’s getting the help that she needs to heal.

As for a spell, I had created a spell oil a while ago to help me see myself and move past perceived physical flaws. It could definitely be adapted for your sister’s case to help her see herself as she is without judgement. You can find the oil here → To See Myself Spell Oil :rose: Beauty Magick ← then I would make a poppet, as someone else suggested, to be a sympathetic representation of your sister. Use the oil on the poppet and thus the oil on your sister.

You could also light a white candle and surround your sister in white healing light. This works very well if you have a good foundation of energy work and can visualize. Otherwise, use a taglock of your sister (her name, a photo, etc.) and place it on your altar with the white candle in a ring of salt.


Speaking of oils, our Occupational Therapists will approve use of essential oils (staff just helps use them so it’s not a safety issue) and it really helps a lot of people. Is there anything she can have while hospitalized that would help? I’m not sure her hospital guidelines, every state is so different.


Thank you guys so much for your recommendations. Unfortunately things are still up in the air as far as where she will be going and when. Logistics and such. But her psychiatrist wanted her admitted last night.

I will be using the ideas you have all posted and I thank you again!

Earlier I did an emergency protection spell. The candle pictured on the left is my sister’s (her name is Rachel, btw). Should I look into this or just assume I have shitty dollar tree candles?


I would just assume it’s the candles at this point since both look like that. I also have candles that’ll burn like that if they’re in a specific place in my office because of the way the air flows lol


I would think it’s just the candles or maybe where you placed them. Are they near a ceiling fan, regular fan, air conditioner, heater, high traffic area or open window? Anything with a breeze may be making them melt strangely. Also, is there a little ridge on your saucer (they’re beautiful, btw) that they may be sitting on? Are the saucers sitting on anything? Any chance your table is just a smidge out of level? I live in a 120+ year old home, and my dining table is over a decade old and went through a few moves, so I have a similar issue if I burn taper candles in there. I’ve had to switch to dripless tapers if I’m just using them for aesthetic purposes, lol. That’s all of my weird flow troubleshooting that I can think of off the top of my head.


I’m sorry for you and your sister’s difficult time and hope things improve.

I’m still new here so claim no expertise. I come from a Christian background and what I’ve noticed is that both Christian prayer and Wiccan spells have intentions in common. Anything you’ve already done and what’s seen here in these forums are helpful because of the intentions sent. I’ll send my own intentions as well.

I’ve have my Book of Shadows mostly digitized so it’s easy to copy and link a page for you if you choose to use it. It’s a Spells8 YouTube of “Wiccan Prayer for a Friend” that I put in the printable format that is seen throughout the website so its easy to make a ritual of it.

Spells8 YouTube page of the prayer…

My printable Google Slides page…
Prayer for a Friend - Google Slides


Oh, My dearest Sarah, My heart aches for you all. I don’t know any spells off the top of my head but I’ll light a candle for her and send a prayer out into the Universe. Blessed be child and your sister.