Looking for Simple Spells

I’m a Beginner Witch, and I’m new at Casting Spells. I bought some sea salt and Bay Leaves today to add to my Altar. Do anyone know of any Simple Spells using Candles, Sea Salt, and Bay Leaves?


Welcome, @MelaninWitch!

Bay leaves, sea salt, and candles are all wonderful ingredients to begin spellwork. Each of these materials have a host of potential uses and benefits.

Bay Leaves can help to attract good luck and fortune. They are known for aiding with protection, success, digestion, and healing. They have both medicinal and magickal properties, and can be used in cooking. You can find numerous spells that include bay leaves here.


Salt is a common ingredient in numerous spells, rituals, and can be used to draw casting circles. It is most commonly used in protection magick. You can find many spells involving salt here.


If you have an interest in cooking magic, you may want to find a recipe that uses bay leaves and sea salt (perhaps a hearty stew! :stew:) . Light a candle as you prepare the dish, and focus your intent as you make the food. Kitchen witchery is a great way to imbue your food with both medicinal and magickal benefits! :woman_cook:

Feel free to adjust recipes to suit the ingredients you have on hand. Remember that the most important aspect of any magick is your intent- the magick is in you! :sparkles:

Good luck and blessed be :sparkling_heart:


You can light a candle. Write down what you’re intention is on the bay leads and burn them to send it’s energy out into the Universe. Just be careful and practice fire safety. I use tweezers.


@TheTravelWitch Thank You so Much for sharing. I’m excited to work with these 2 items.


I just picked up some bay leaves to work with as well and some other herbs. Mine are more for jar spells, but I have some that I can work with in the kitchen as well. I just made some Florida water and saved the herbs, I am determined to do something with them, I just haven’t figured out what that is yet. I hate to see them just go outside and only have been partially used, I want to use them to their full potential.


You are very welcome- good luck and happy practicing! :candle::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: