Lost my protection charm

I lost my protection charm Ive been carrying for the better part of the year, It deff saddened me and has me a little concerned about a possible significance in losing it should I be concerned, or are there any steps I should take to rectify the situation?


I’m sorry to hear that — it’s always tough to lose something that’s been a part of one’s life for a while :confounded:

I can’t speak specifically to protection charms, unfortunately, but I have heard that with other items (such as hematite rings — I can’t rememberer what hematite is magically used for off the top of my head :sweat_smile:) break, it means that they’ve served their purpose and are no longer needed at that moment. Again, I’m not sure if that’s a universal belief, or if that belief applies to this type of situation, but I suppose that by extension, your protection charm got lost when it was no longer needed? :sweat_smile:

By that same line of thinking (just me thinking out loud because the purpose of your protection charm is personal to you and none of my business), it could be that whatever situation your protection charm was created for is now in the past, and now it’s time to create a new protection charm for the next chapter of your life :relaxed:

Again, I’m still new to the world of Witchcraft, so don’t quote me on any of that info haha, but that was just my two cents (one cent since I’m not really qualified to give a definitive answer to that question? :thinking:) :relaxed:

Sending positive, protective thoughts and energies your way, should you choose to accept them :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

Blessed be! :pray:


Thanks @wade, from what I understand hematite takes in all negative energy around you and once its reached capacity it will break, hence the need for a new one, you made some very valid points and I feel my intutition is leading me to believe that its time for a new charm, a new chapter to begin in my life


Hey Trey, I’m sorry that you lost your amulet. It seems that it was very valuable to you. However Wade is correct in this case. You should take it as a sign that it has already done its job of protecting you (at least for its original purpose) and you don’t need it.

Remember this quote: “Detachment is the art of enjoying something while being open to the possibility of losing it someday.”


Thats an excellent quote! Thanks @Francisco , immediately when I realized it was gone, I thought, its time to move on and make another, (I guess I shouldnt second guess my intuition) its something I need to work on unfortunately


As others have commented, i believe when you loose a lucky charm or protection amulet- it filled its purpose. I thought i lost my obsidian bracelet about a month ago. However, my intuition kept telling me its was still near me. I looked and looked and could not find it. Until one day i decided to move my furniture around. But it didn’t work because the switching did not look right. But in the process i found my bracelet that was behind a night table. I was so happy to find it that i didn’t mind the pain of moving the furniture back. If it wasn’t for my decision to try and move my furniture, i would never have found the bracelet. I almost orderd a new one…I guess it stills need to fulfill its purpose .

Love and light towards your new charm.

Blessed be


@Trey I made these protection amulets with Angelica root, cumin and cayenne pepper mixed with sea salt and eggshell powder (I also have considered replacing the sea salt with black salt). I also included a spell scroll with a protection prayer and sigil inside and then painted the sigil on the bottle and sealed with white wax. I have a few made up and would love to gift you one of you would like to message me your address


@phoenix_dawn That is very kind of you,very much so ill shoot you a message in just a bit with my details! Thank you!!!


@Trey no worries. I’m glad to do it