Loud cats mean something !?

Hi everyone so I saw on fb someone asking what does it mean when they always hear a loud cat around and everyone jus commented jokes etc and no one helped lol so I was wondering if it’s jus normal or something because ever since I started to practice I hear one near my house as well especially at night


It’s getting to be kitten season soon, which means the cats are in heat. That’s probably all that it is. I wouldn’t worry too much. Cats can be loud little boogers. LOL. :black_cat:


It sounds like they are going into heat. I would watch your neighborhood in the coming months for kittens. I agree with @Amethyst :wink:


Good question, and sweet answer!
Kittens! :smile_cat: :two_hearts:

Still, cats have been intimately linked with witchcraft at least since the medieval times. They have very keen senses and can see at night, and they are sometimes believed to see into the other realms too, including the realm of the dead. Maybe because of that they have been seen as excellent familiars.

Other cat correspondences (click me)

Solar system: Moon
Zodiac: Virgo
Celebration: Samhain
God: Ra
Goddesses: Artemis, Bast, Cerridwen, Demeter, Diana, Freya, Sekhmet
Angel: Gabriel

Issues, intentions and powers: affection, afterlife, cleverness, concentration / focus, connections, crossroads (black), darkness, defense, destruction, dignity, dream work, enchantment, enmity, family, friend/ship, grace, healing, independence, love, luck, magic (general, crone, moon, night), messages, omens, otherworld/underworld, passion, peace, pleasure, power (inner), protection (maternal), psychic ability, revenge, secrets, security, sensuality, spirits (see), spirituality, stress, warmth, witches, witchcraft (especially black)

(Source: Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences)


Hi @vanessa13!

Thanks for the question- looks like you’ve got some great answers! :black_cat: :blush:

If you and/or the other person on fb heard the cat mostly while they were working spells, then I would suggest looking into magical ties. @CelestiaMoon shared some fantastic correspondences- you could also look into what cats mean in terms of spirit/power animals.

However, simply hearing a loud cat outside from time to time during this season likely means what others have pointed out- kitten season is fast approaching! :cat:

Blessed be!


Maybe it’s in love. :heart: