Love spell gone wrong?

Okay so the night of the blue moon I attempted 2 love spells. One was the simple moon chant and the other was a sticky kiss spell. Both were just for me to gain experience and celebrate the blue moon. After the spell was cast, I noticed a couple of weird things happening, and the person I wanted to attract from the spell disappeared completely? It seemed to have the opposite affect and now the person is just now coming back? I was curious if this is common for love spells? I also got kind of sick these pass few days but today, the same day the person came back, I felt a lot better and not so sick. So I basically just want to know if these are just normal symptoms of a spell gone wrong? And if I also charged an amulet during the blue moon does that mean my charm doesn’t work as well?


Interesting @quadeera. Hope you are feeling better now. I know several of us were having ‘symptoms’ of unease during the October Blue moon. Just a general rule- illness seems to rise slightly in the population during seasonal transition as food sources switch resources, but how your spells would come into play I don’t know. Perhaps an exploration into your internal (mental) dialogue during the casting of the spell? I sometimes think that our mental dialogue is sometimes in conflict with our actions. Like sending mixed messages into the universe. I don’t know… I’m guessing here. You pose a good puzzle.


I second every word @berta said! On top of all of that, some people can feel gnarly exhaustion after performing particularly powerful spells. Did you ground yourself after performing it? I find that helps me reset my energy after a spell.


No I actually didn’t! Next time I will be sure to do that and hopefully get different results! Thank you


You’re very welcome!


Love spells are tricky and have to be worded correctly. :face_with_monocle:

@quadeera You mentioned that the spells were for you to celebrate the Blue Moon and gain confidence. But you also said they were for a specific person. I think this is what Berta meant to say when she talks about the internal mental dialogue. How clear were your intentions?