Help with a Love Spell? No results!

Is it possible that you can help me with my love spell?? I’ve tried everything and I still haven’t had any results


Hi there @ebony6 :heart: I hope you don’t mind but I moved your question to its own thread so it doesn’t get lost and more people can answer it :blush:

Now, you said you haven’t gotten any results from your love spell. Can you give us some more details on the spell that you did? That would help us point you in the right direction and give you some advice :blus


I’m going to be honest it’s a love spell to bring my ex back


Which spell did you try?


That’s fine, honesty is best :blush: especially if we’re trying to help you. Do you have a link to the spell or something similar so we can see?


I’m trying to send you a picture of the spell and I don’t know how

I hope it shows up @MeganB @Amethyst


How can you let me know if you got the info I sent please


Okay, I read it. I think you should be glad it didn’t work, otherwise, he could have turned into a stalker. Seriously. Think of me day and night, 24 hours a day. Dangerous. You don’t want him watching you as you sleep, that’s some weird Twilight stuff.

@MeganB can probably break down why it didn’t work well for you better than I did, but I think it’s because you weren’t visualizing correctly what you wanted. And unless the cigarette was his, there were no taglocks to tell the spell who to hook onto, other than his name. Unless I’m missing part of the spell that didn’t get into the picture.

Have you tried this spell?

You could even add a photo of the two of you together to the spell, or something like that so it knows exactly who you want.

I hope this helps you. Be careful.


No I haven’t tried it but I will try it out and see.thank you so much for helping me


You’re welcome!


Hey there! I can see the spell but I think it’s missing the instructions.

Based on the ingredients themselves, the only thing throwing me off is the cigarette :thinking: Can you post the rest of the instructions or the link to the video? That would be super helpful :blush:


One thing I believe helps spells along is to act In accord. So, for example, if you cast a prosperity spell, you would also take steps to learn how to manage money, save more and also give some money away to a deserving cause. In other words, you would start acting like you were already rich. For a love spell, you might try being especially loving and caring to others, like family members and friends, smiling at people in restaurants and elevators, and maybe taking special care with your appearance. I find that acting in accord makes me feel empowered and magical. Maybe that the Universe doesn’t think that ex is right for you but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a life that is replete with love. Someone told me once love is a verb not a feeling. It is both of course, but the universe rewards action. If you want to be loved, be loving :slight_smile:


Greetings @ebony6!

While I’m sorry your spell didn’t go as you hoped, I can see you’ve got some great advice and suggestions here. There are many possible reasons why a spell doesn’t yield results and in my personal experience, the most common reason is that it simply hasn’t had time to manifest yet.

Some spells work very fast, but I’ve found that the larger and more things that a spell involves, the more time it takes to grow. It’s like a seed- you don’t plant it, wait five minutes, and then come back and expect to find a tree. The more complex the wish, the longer amount of time (and potentially energy) it will likely need to manifest :seedling: :evergreen_tree:

Mary said it really well:

This is really beautifully said :clap: I agree that the more action we take, the more likely our wish will manifest. I don’t see extra work and action as counter or even seperate to the spell, but instead as helping to hone our intention and really pushing it forward into the Universe.

In addition to spells dealing with our own personal situations needing time (and sometime additional work and efforts!), things become significantly more complex when trying to change or alter the situation of someone else (Note that some consider love spells to be against the Wiccan Rede or the ethics of magickal consent , but I personally see them as a grey area of magick depending on how they are being used).

Putting protective measures in place is a very common practice that we use all the time in spellwork and while casting- so of course, when casting on others, we must consider the possibility that others also have protective measures in place that would block or deflect spellwork meant to change them :shield:

Whether your ex is a witch or not, there are all kinds of protective measures and things that could block an unwanted spell or an attempt to alter their situation- even one made with good intentions at heart.

These are just a few thoughts about why the spell didn’t/hasn’t yet worked- to get the best insight possible about your spell and possible guidance on what to do next, I strongly recommend using divination- choose your favorite method and see what answers and advice you can find through your guides/deities/the Universe/etc! :flower_playing_cards:

Good luck and blessed be! :sparkles:


I read over the spell, since it’s trying to bend someone’s will, strong arming him towards you, calling upon a Saint, Saint Simon, for assistance to do that, not happening. What that spell is trying to do, reading the effect, other different types of forces are required, not a Saint, but I’m not getting into that.

Like the love spell recommended here by @Amethyst calling upon Venus and Mars. Read through it. It’s sounds more harmonious definitely, kinda of a last ditch effort petitioning Venus and Mars to intervene, ultimately the will still remains his for the most part.


@Amethyst im with u. The way that spell is written, her love would turn to obsession. Which is never good. We’ve all seen those Lifetime movies, that kind of stuff really happens.


Actually I think the first Craft movie went into witches and love spells. It wasn’t far off, I don’t think.


@Amethyst oooooo yes. It also shows u dont piss off the universe and/or the Gods. U will lose your magik. Just ask the chick who cursed me. She lost everything. Her magik, her husband, her apartment, and her job. I dont play


So, just because the Craft is my jam (I can’t believe it took me so long to watch it & now I’m like hey… let’s watch this… for the 4th time this week) :rofl:… when you know who, did you know what, look what happened to her at the end of that movie… just sayin… I mean not good outcome there.


I’m going to be honest, and this is my opinion. But each person has their own free will. No amount of spells, wishing, etc is going to force someone to want to do something. Especially when it comes to two people being together.

I’m sure you would want it to be a genuine return, anyway… not something forced.

This is another thought… maybe do spells to help you with confidence / attraction / healing / whatever you need help with to attract the person that is best for you. With how you are wanting your ex back, I would think that maybe a healing or letting go spell might help you ‘cut cords’ so that whatever is meant to happen next will be able to happen… whether that means they come back or not.

If you’re too fixed on forcing something to happen, it might cause you to be stuck and blocked from anything wanting to enter your path.

Just some thoughts. :heart:


I agree with concerns about the coercion of the spell. I was also wondering how long it has been since you cast the spell? Sometimes they can take time to work. If you didn’t include a time referent in the spell, it is a good idea to give it a full lunar cycle before deciding it didn’t work.