Mabon Plans 2020

So Mabon is coming up, and I’d love to know what everyone is thinking about doing. The youngest two kids and I have been learning about Mabon and making some crafts during school time. We’re going to have a Mabon party during school time on Tuesdays, but we’re not going to celebrate as a family until next weekend.

My husband and I haven’t always had the easiest time celebrating together because I like to research and plan, and likes likes to be spontaneous. Spontaneity is fine when you’re a solitary, but it doesn’t work as well in a group, especially if you don’t communicate your plans with those around you.

We usually do something more on the simple side, so no one gets overwhelmed. We’re actually on a pretty good streak. We’ve almost completed an entire year of celebrations together as a family, and Mabon has always been one of my favorites! I’m thinking of making a seitan roast with carrots and potatoes, sweet potato salad, corn pudding, and apple tartlets (or some other apple dessert). And if I don’t make honey dabo, I might get thrown out of the house, so I better make that, as well.

We’ll probably light some candles and go around saying what we’re thankful for and give offerings. We usually cast a circle in silence, but I’m thinking about using to Spells8 cast-along video this year. We usually get together stuff we no longer have need of and bless it for Give Away and take it to a nearby shelter/charity and take food to our local food bank. I also like to take time on Sabbats to work on my Book of Shadows.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys.


I’m making a feast for one, a hot dish and then apple blossoms for dessert. I’m celebrating Monday because I have to go out Tuesday and I won’t have time on Tuesday to do much. I’m also doing a small ritual to get rid of three bad habits. That’s about it for me.

Question if you don’t mind. What is honey dabo?


This is my favorite season here. Since I moved to the US, I’ve always been amazed by how many colors you can see in the trees around this time of the year. :green_heart: :orange_heart: :yellow_heart: :heart:

This weekend the air is supposed to be clear after almost two weeks of hazardous smoke and ash. So I will be visiting local parks to see the leaves start to change!!

My wife and I have been throwing out lots of old stuff and are in the process of redecorating. We are starting with an easy one, changing the paintings on the walls!

We’re not supposed to light any fires so I’ll just light a single candle on a safe place. :candle: My grandfather birthday is coming after he passed away earlier this year. Dinner with my wife’s family is also happening.

@PuppetMama Have you seen these Mabon craft project ideas?


It sounds like you have some lovely family plans for Mabon, @PuppetMama! :heart: Congrats on the one year of shared celebrations- that is truly lovely. And the feast sounds like it will be amazing- and I’m also curious about honey dabo! :yum:

While you are very organized and plan the food, I think that lighting candles and going around in a circle to share thoughts might be the spontaneity your husband craves- he can share whatever he’d like, inspired in the moment during this activity! :+1: It sounds like a very good balance :blush:

I finished my Mabon altar last week, so this week I will be cooking dishes to celebrate and making offerings to the altar! :apple: I also plan to do a gratitude meditation each night before bed to think back on all the blessings I have :pray:

Wishing you a wonderful and blessed Mabon! :maple_leaf:


Sorry this is so late. I’ve been having a really bad lupus flare-up, but we did manage to celebrate Mabon, and I wanted to share the photos I took.

This is the dabo, and I’m going to try to upload the recipe soon. This is also some roasted seasonal veggies.

This is Lassie chilling while I cook. She has a comfy bed under the dining room table, but she’d rather lay on the hard floor. Please don’t judge our floor too much. We’re working on renovating our kitchen.

On Mabon, the kids and I did a spell for homeschool and had a nice lunch of lentils and apple quick bread. It was very tasty and filling.

This is our family’s Mabon altar. My husband set it up while I cooked too much food. He even walked around where we live to gather some leaves and a pinecone.

This is the craft the kids and I made for Mabon during homeschool. It was a little confusing, but very fun.

This is a fuller shot of the altar/feast table. We stood here and gave thanks in circle, then ate way too much. The plate and cup here are for the offering.

Here’s a close-up of the offering. We always share a portion of our feast with the gods.

Here’s the homeschool altar. The kids set this one up. They gathered objects from our yard to place on the altar, and we did the spell from the website.

This is our seitan roast with lots of potatoes, carrots, and onions on the side. It was moist and delicious, and there was none left when we were done. We also had some creamed corn (I was going to make corn pudding, but the time and oven temperature made that less then ideal) and some sweet potato mash.


This looks and sounds like you and the family had SUCH a gorgeous celebration @PuppetMama!
Thank you for sharing these pictures with us :heart: Lassie looks like such a sweetheart :heart_eyes:
I’d love if you could share your Apple bread recipe too? It looks scrumptious! :apple:


Never too late to enjoy pictures of Mabon goodies- and wow, such a lovely feast! :heart_eyes: You made so many gorgeous goodies, I’m glad you had such a wonderful holiday, @PuppetMama! :heart: Say hi to Lassie for me and I hope your lupus flare-up has calmed down. Blessed be!


Everything looks delicious and the way you decorated gives so much peace!! It’s wonderful to look at!! :heart_eyes:

And Lassie looks like Cooper’s lost twin!! He says hi!! :dog2: :rofl: