Magic in the Bible

Angela’s Symposium, an informative YouTube channel I have shared at least twice before, published two videos on magic in the bible. One for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament. These were interesting, in light of what we learned around Samhain. (She always lists her sources for more research.)

She mentioned the miracles attributed to Jesus. While there are many theories about this, I have read elsewhere that traveling teachers would perform “miracles” to authenticate their messages. I will try to find the source for you on this and edit it in.

Edit: Zealot by Reza Aslan, Chapter 9, Page 128(in my edition)

Is Witchcraft Forbidden in the Hebrew Bible - Old Testament?
Miracle vs Witchcraft in the New Testament

I would love to read your thoughts on these videos. :slight_smile:


Thanks for bringing this up, Benjamin! :grin:

Although my own personal ties to the Bible are mostly from things I learned studying religions at university, I know there are many here in the forum who come from backgrounds that draw heavily on the Bible. These videos look like they delve deep into this area of witchy history!

I’ll add the videos to my watch list- they look like an interesting watch! Thanks again for sharing :blush:


I did subscribe to her channel from seeing it mentioned in a past post. I’ll have to take a look on some free time. I will let you know.


Very interesting! And given my background and own thoughts about how magick is present in the bible I will definitely be giving these videos a watch! Thanks for sharing :slight_smile: