Magical Correspondences of Cranberries

Latin Name: •Vaccinium Macrocarpon (US variety). • Vaccinium Oxycoccos (UK variety)
Folk Names: •Bog Fruit •Marsh Worts
Gender: • Female
Elements: •Water, •Fire
Planet: •Mars
Zodiac Signs: •Sagittarius
Associated Dirties: •Astarte
Chakras: •Root

:cherries: Cranberries Magical Properties :cherries:
Abundance: Write what you want to fill your life with onto a piece of paper. Place that paper on a dish and pour enough cranberries to fill the dish. Visualize that your life is full of what you wish for me just like a big is filled with cranberries. You may cook and eat the berries.

Energy: Make homemade cranberry sauce with cinnamon and clove. You may enchant for increasing energy.

Healing: Place cranberries in a bowl :bowl_with_spoon: and place it under the bed :bed: during healing or rest :sleeping:.

Love: Cooking with cranberries inspire love.

:cherries: Ritual Wine Substitute: :cherries:
• Use cranberry juice as a substitute for wine :wine_glass: in your ritual, spells and offerings.

:cherries:Cranberries for Medical Properties: :cherries:
• Cranberries have been seen effective against:
• Bladder infections. • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

:warning: Warnings :warning:
If you’re taking aspirin, do NOT ingest cranberry juice!


It’s a cranberry time of the year! :red_circle::grin: Thanksgiving may be over, but there’s something wonderfully wintery about cranberry breads, sauces, cookies, and other tasty treats during these dark months.

This was fun to read- thanks for sharing, Christina! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


For some reason that made me giggle. Marsh worts! LOL!

Thanks for this! It’s good to know!


Thank you for sharing this, funny thing for the last two months I cannot get enough of cranberry juice. Crancherry mostly, I drink the diet which only has 1g of sugar.


I have been using cranberries in my practice & I am waiting to get some fresh ones for garland this year. I’ve also been drinking the 100% Cranberry Juice. I even had to buy extra cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving & leftovers :joy: It has to be the time of year. :evergreen_tree: :snowflake:


That’s so good!! I love crancherry!!! Cherries have a lot of great benefits, too!! Maybe I’ll do that one next! My favorite is that cherries help depression!


They are great for those who are prone to bladder n kidney infections


It is cranberry season! And it doesn’t last forever. I grab a few bags and throw them in my freezer so I can enjoy them throughout the winter. I love them in my smoothies in the morning, and of course, baking with them. Thank you @christina4 for the wealth of information these beauties provide!


For those who are unfortunate enough to have gout, Bitter cherry juice helps but it’s nasty. Cranberry juice cuts the bitterness of the cherry juice.


Great!!! I will do my groceries Asap!!!