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I have been reading up on the properties of herbs.

Several spells use use rice and vinegar. Could someone what the magical properties of these are?

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I found this information for you:

Rice - protection, money, fertility, rain, blessings, weather magick
Herb & Flora Properties - Raven & Crone

Vinegar - vinegar in a jar or bottle is used to make things go bad. A hex sometimes involves placing numerous magical links to the person you want to curse into a jar, filling it with vinegar, and then performing a variety of other actions on the jar, from shaking it to smashing it, depending on the spell in use.
Learn Religions - Jar Spells

You can make vinegar to serve any purpose by simply adding the ingredients you require. IE: Four Thieves Vinegar
Washes, Waters, Vinegars - Spiral Nature


In the popular magic of my region, vinegar is used to perform energy cleansing and rice to attract abundance. That’s how I use it.


Vinegar I have used it for cleansing & different things. If you go into the links they give more detailed information on the uses for the referenced items. Including the Four Thieves Vinegar.


Thanks again for taking the time to find and share this information with me…its much appreciated.

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