Magick saved my life

I’ve recently finished a documentary series on the West Memphis Three and I find myself fascinated by Damien Echols story- has anyone ever read any of his books?

He credits Magick with getting himself through 18 years on death row which I find so inspiring! And obviously incredibly sad that he was there in the first place.

“Magick saved my life. Magick was the only thing in prison that gave my life purpose and kept me sane. Magick was the only thing I had to protect myself with.” - Quote from Damien Echols

Whilst watching the documentary I was so shocked to see how the prosecution used his research into paganism and his BOS to create a kind of satanic panic around the whole trial. :cry: Has anyone else seen the documentaries?

@roxanne do you have any of Damiens books for sale on your site? I am particularly interested in High Magick

Blessed day


Yes! Damien Echols is great!

I discovered him watching The Midnight Gospel (animated show on Netflix), where he gives a quick introduction to his practice of High Magick. It’s the third Episode of the show and I really recommend it.

He shares quick lessons on his Youtube channel too! I haven’t read any of his books but they sure look good. You can get them from Amazon or at his website.

And he’s a visual artist. He had an exhibit titled ‘SALEM,’ as a comparison between the historical U.S. Salem witch trials and his own experience during a modern-day U.S. witch-hunt known for false accusations of Satanic ritual abuse.


Fab thanks, I’ll definitely check all that out. What an absolute inspiration he is. I can’t even imagine what it must feel like to spend 18 years on death row, and to still not give up on your beliefs that seem to have been a factor in getting you there.

Really goes to show the power of positivity and Magick!! :muscle:

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High magick in particular looks like a great read!

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Wow, that sounds super interesting! Where did you watch the documentary? I would love to check it out as well.

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@christine4 I watched a 3 parter on sky. I believe its still available on box sets/catch up.

The first is called Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hill and the same documentary makers go on to make part 2 and 3, it spans the sentence and then the eventual exhoneration of the three boys.

There are also a few good podcasts about, I would recommend Morbid post cast and I believe the episode is called the west memphis 3.

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NoI don’t but you can watch all of his videos here: He is very very intresting!

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His tuff is copyrighted and I can’t sell it in my shop… Try and see if they have any

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