Magik in prison

Hi everyone. I have a couple questions if y’all aren’t busy.

1.) Does magik work on someone or can magik work if someone is incarcerated?

2.) Is there a spell that works that can make time go faster for a loved one prison sentence situation? Or make time go faster for me on the outside?

Thank you blessed be

  1. What kind of spell your looking to cast on him?

  2. Time is time it cant go faster even with magic I don’t think we can mess with time magic much

I hope I can be of help just ask

So mote it be


Sorry can’t help you on this, but welcome anyways :pray::pray:


Well my best friend she’s in prison and her mom is real sick. She wants me to get her mom to lick a piece of paper and bring to her when I visit this weekend. She’s going to do something with it. So I’m not sure if magik works in an intuition like that. For Him , my fiancé I don’t know. I want him protected, I want him emotionally stable, mentally stable , I want him to stay out of trouble in there, I’d like him to stay positive. He’s going to a Florida state prison and I’ve been reading how distributing and disgusting their premises are. The hurry up time is something we both would love to make happen. Problem is him and I both believe Everything happens for a reason, And him going to do this 18 months stronger, closer. So we think and believe this is something we had to do to make it this far. He’s already been in county jail for a year.


If you have a picture of him use that to cast a protection spell on him many protection spells out there find one and use his picture. Licking paper that sounds like a voodoo ritual of some kind that is very personal.


Hello, @shannon44! Magick can and does work on a person in prison, and can even affect prison sentence (length) time! Check into the story of Damien Echols, formerly on Arkansas Death Row, now free, and a published author, Youtube Creator, Magician/Warlock. He began learning about Magick while in prison and even while placed in solitary confinement. In terms of whether you can perform Magick on others in prison, depending on the kind of Magick it is, you may need their consent, their request in order for it to work fully or be “ethical?” I’m not sure about that last statement. I’ve seen some make a point about “not practicing on others or without being asked,” but it’s not like people aren’t doing Magick to help unknown people (victims of natural or manmade disasters, victims of abuse in general) or even when doing reversal Magick. Like, who’s going to ask their least favorite person for permission to send negativity back in their direction? LOL You might find you really connect with the Damien Echols story, though. Check him out on Youtube!


Hi @shannon44,

I’d say yes to this! Physical barriers do not prevent the flow of energy. Unless there are spiritual barriers in place, your spiritual energy (magick) should have no problem reaching its intended recipient.

I’m with John on this one- for all of the wonderful and miraculous things that magick can do, magick in the physical world must follow the laws of nature- aka the laws of physics here on Earth. If there is a spell out there that can twist and contort time itself, I have not found it. I don’t think the divine would allow any one human to wield that kind of chaotic and corruptive power- messing with time as a whole would cause a lot of havoc for a lot of people!

That being said, magick done outside of the physical world (such as the astral planes or in lucid dreaming) is not bound to the laws of physics. While it likely won’t affect the situation within the physical world and the current timeline we are in, you could explore options for meeting and spending time with your loved via Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming.

Additionally, it sounds like there are spells out there that could be done to lessen the sentence- those could be worth looking into it! I know we have some justice and court-related spells on the site- not knowing the details involved, I’m not sure if they would be helpful for you, but as they deal with legal matters they could potentially be adapted to suit your needs.

Whatever you choose to do, wishing you all the best, Shannon! Blessed be :sparkles:


The best way to make time seem to go faster is to stay busy. This works inside and outside. Best of outcomes for all.