Making a tarot journal - Yearly / Monthly spreads?

I have always been interested in tarot but haven’t been comfortable with my ability to read. I’ve learned that like anything with life, it takes practice and study. To this end, I’m making my own tarot journal to keep track of my readings and help me study.

I like to do a 3 card draw for my dailies but really don’t do anything for a monthly read. I’d like to be able to review my month and plan the next.

Along those same lines, I would want to do an end-of-the-year spread and a look ahead for the next one.

Does anyone have suggestions for monthly and yearly review/planning tarot spreads?



Hey there Katnabis! I actually have two spreads like this on my website. Let me grab you the images and links :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I like to do the monthly reading at the beginning of every month. The yearly one, though, just looks at the next year plus any themes, obstacles, and lessons that might pop up.

Year Ahead Tarot Spread

Monthly Tarot Spread

Tips on Creating Tarot Spreads for Yourself


Greetings @katnabis :heart:

That’s a great idea! A tarot journal is a wonderful way to learn the tarot- writing everything down helps build memorization, and then you can look back later and learn from how your interpretations played out! :open_book:

Megan is a tarot master who often shared monthly and yearly insight readings in the forums- definitely check out the resources she shared :+1:

If you are comfortable doing so, know that you are very welcome to share your readings with the forums! It’s a good way to get feedback and see how your personal readings align with those of your fellow coven members.

Good luck and enjoy! :flower_playing_cards: :two_hearts:


This first link is really good!!