Making what I have work😂

I’ve been exploring the different spells on here and one i wanted to try was the bad luck one where send back luck away. The green candle was an issue but I had a birthday candle that was green n white, some wax from a candle left n a tea candle base. So I melted some wax in the tea candle holder n put the green birthday candle in as it set. Im going to try it tonight. :crossed_fingers:it goes well. I’m even wearing my jade necklace. I’ve got salt and cinnamon so I’m all set lol oh and yeah my birthday candle. But it’s green(And white) and I guess it’s the intention behind it that matter right? I even got a lil thingy ( omg I Can’t think of the name of it lol cup place mat thing. It’s on the tip of my tongue lol). To put the salt around the candle n then add cinnamon. I’m excited to give this a go.


@Phoenix_Fire Looks like an awesome set up. I remember when I was starting out I would stress myself out over not having the exact items I wanted to have for spell work, divination, etc. But honestly, coming up with maybe not exactly what is stated but what worked, became more exciting for me and diminished the worry. Intention is the foundation to magick, even in situations where you need a blue candle but you don’t have one, set the intention that the yellow candle (I always seem to have an abundance of lol) is blue. Birthday candles work great, I use black birthday candles each morning to light for protection for my loved ones, friends, and Hecate.
Blessed Be,


I love that n the black birthday candles such a great idea. I have burnt through my black candles a bit today dealing with getting rid of negative energies n stuff but I like the idea of lighting one each morning for protection of loved ones etc and for a deity. Hecate isn’t one I work with but I do have one that I associate with black for protection. I have mostly celtic but a couple of Norse deities. I havnt seen black birthday candles where did you get yours from? I know a store that has crystals n candles etc but can’t always get to that place. Only place I’d seen black candles. But I like the idea of lighting one each morning for protection of loved ones etc n for a deity n that’s great that black birthday candles exist. Has anyone used birthday candles with numbers as a part of correspondences in a spell. I was wondering if that was a thing when went to get the birthday candles n saw they had number candles. N wondered if numbers had correspondences n if used a number candle may be white or a certain colour if that would add to the spell lol or am I just make stuff up lol. I’m so obsessed with correspondences lately…lol


I agree with @Rowan the setup looks great & honestly, when I first came back I had next to nothing for my witchy items. I used birthday candles, jar candles, tealights, votives, until I couldn’t anymore & had enough to get at least black & white candles.

White candles can be substituted for any color candle also. So even if you have battery operated or led “candles” they can be used also. :candle:

The birthday candle is green & white, you know what your intention is & I think you are good to go. I hope it works out for your highest good! :two_hearts:


Looks like a great spell! As for the candle, a lot of people prefer birthday candles because they can’t stick around to watch the other, longer ones burn. So you’re good to go! Good luck!

Oh, and I love your little white owl! Very cute!


I love this. I also was wondering what to do earlier needing a green candle until I can make it to one of the stores I buy my items from. Sooo this birthday candle idea just made my entire night. Great thinking!! :heart:


Your setup looks awesome, @Phoenix_Fire- congrats on your spellwork! :sparkles: I’m all about personalizing your spells so I agree with what others have said about making it work with what you have. Nothing wrong with making your spells your own! :blush:

That’s a great question, Danni! I’m not too big on Numerology, and pretty much the only purely number magick I use in my current spellwork is using 3 of something to include the sacred number 3. So I’m afraid I can’t be much help here :sweat_smile:

But that being said, I don’t see why someone couldn’t use birthday candles with numbers to draw on the magickal properties of numbers in their spellwork. It seems like a great idea to me- after all, it is pretty common to use birthday candles in spells, so why not birthday candles with numbers? :candle::blush:

Others (especially those who are more experienced with Numerology) may have additional advice for you, but for now I would say go for it! And if you do give it a try, please let me know how it goes for you- it sounds like a fun experiment! :sparkles::heart:

Blessed be, Danni!


I find the balck birthday candles usually at Walmart and Ill just grab a stack of them because they’re only .98 cents. :smiley: But probably any grocery store or Party supply place would work too. That’s a great idea about the number candles…Let us know if you try them and how it works.


I absolutely love your set up - the little owl and the leaf saucer are my favorites. Use what you have on hand! In my mind, it’s all about the intention that you have, not the exact thing that someone said that you needed for a spell. I actually use Hanukkah/Chanukah candles for a lot of my spells because I get them on clearance at the grocery store. I like that they only burn for 30 - 45 mins because that fits the time frame I have to devote to my spell more often than not.


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